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Mr. Garland (GT)

Greetings students and parents. Welcome to the GT website for our gifted and talented electives here at Merrill Middle School. This second semester I am offering two selections for our gifted and talented learners in terms of Electives. Students in the GT elective second semester will cycle through both offerings before the end of the school year. The first offering is Gaming and Theory, a class that focuses on identifying objectives and strategies before we even make our first moves! This class will primarily be focused on the strategy of Chess and the probability of Poker but will also touch on word games as well as world games before the  quarter ends. Attached below is the Unit plan description for Gaming and Theory. The second offering is Advanced Reading where students will read from a vast array of texts divided into four genres: Sci-Fi Dystopian, Non-Fiction Narrative, Graphic Novels and Diverse Point of View (Non-White male author with non-white male protagonists). Each unit will last a little under 3 weeks and students will read in a collaborative and social setting. The unit plan description for Advanced Reading is attached below as well. I am very excited to work with your students and look forward to a fantastic second semester. 
Name: Drew Garland
Email: Andrew_Garland@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-424-0670

Upcoming Announcements

Current Unit

The Current Unit for the classes are as follows: 
Gaming and Theory 6th and 8th Grade- Poker and Chess summative
Advanced reading 7th grade- Sci-Fi Unit up first

Quizzes and Tests

All Quizzes and tests will be related to AR quizzes or be conducted in a classroom environment

Resource - Please download the Unit plans below for a week by week breakdown of the GT elective courses


Reading contracts will dictate the homework requirement on a unit by unit basis. Ask your student for a copy of their reading contract. 
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