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Ms. Sanders (ELD)

Hello! I am Ms. Sanders! I am currently the 7th Grade Social Studies Teacher and ELD Level D Teacher. I have been at Merrill for 3 years now and love the diverse populations and perspectives that each of my students bring into the classroom. When I am not teaching I love reading and lounging around with my cat, playing outside with my Great Pyrenees puppy named Gus, or discovering the new and awesome restaurants and locations that are popping up all around Denver.
I love working with students especially middle schoolers and I am so happy that I have been able to fulfill my dreams of teaching at Merrill.
Name: Janessa Sanders
Email: janessa_sanders@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-424-0670


Unit 1 Exam: Wednesday (RED)/Thursday (BLACK) is on Oct 12th and the 13th. It will cover:

- Nomads vs. Civilizations
- 7 Characteristics of Civilization
- The Beginnings of Civilization
- CNN Student News
Current Unit

In our classes we are currently focusing on the following themes within the Civilization Unit:

- Strong Claim Sentences
- Finding the best piece of evidence from a historical source
- Using geographic tools
- Understanding the different perspectives and issues associated with certain regions (focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere)

Quizzes and Tests

UNIT 1 Exam: Wednesday Oct 12th and Thursday Oct 13th



Week 10/10- 10/14
No CNN Student News Due this Week because of the Unit 1 Exam that they need to study for.