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Mr. Woodworth (Science)

Welcome to Mr. Woodworth’s Eighth Grade Science Class! I look forward to working with both students and parents throughout the year. I am dedicated to the academic and social development of all students and will push everyone to do his or her best. I believe that each student can and will learn when they come to school willing to put forth their best effort.

Brian Woodworth


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Current Unit

Our current unit is Unit 4, Thermal Energy and the Laws of Conservation of Mass and Energy.  We are studying the Law of Conservation of Energy, the Law of Conservation of Mass, Heat Energy and the transfer of heat energy from one object to another through Conduction and Infrared Radiation.  We will also continue to work on improving on scientific skills such as: identifying the parts of an experiment, creating a hypothesis, identifying the controls and constants in an experiment, analyzing and interpreting data, and formulating conclusions using multiple sources of information.  We will practice these skills while designing and running experiments which help students learn about the characteristics and properties of Thermal Energy, and the two processes of Thermal Energy transfer, Infrared and Conduction. We should finish this unit during the last week of January.

Quizzes and Tests
No quizzes or tests currently scheduled.


The resources listed below are websites students can use to help them on their homework packets.  More are being added to the list throughout the school year!

1. The Science Spot: http://sciencespot.net/
2. CK12: http://www.ck12.org/


Students will be working on completing their "Some Like it Hot" packets due Monday January 17.