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Mr. Fields (Math)

Contact Me
Name: Christian Fields
Telephone: (720) 424-0666
Email: Christian_Fields@dpsk12.org

Please ask your student to check Schoology
for their math homework!


9/29/2017: Unit 1 Final Assessment
10/24-25/2017: District Interim 1
11/2/2017: Unit 2 Final Assessment
12/21/2017: District Interim 2/Unit 3 Final Assessment
2/16/2018: Unit 4 Final Assessment
3/8-9/2018: District Interim 3
4/17-19/2018: Math CMAS

Quizzes and Tests

We have a quiz every WEDNESDAY covering the week's lessons and covering a previously taught standard to help students keep all their learning in the forefront.  These quizzes are on Illuminate.

Current Unit
Say It With Symbols: Traditionally, the goal of Algebra instruction has been to develop of students' proficiency in working with expressions and equations. This work includes simplifying, factoring, expanding, evaluating, or solving expressions and equations. In addition to these traditional tasks, Say It With Symbols develops the understanding of using symbolic expressions to represent and reason about relationships. The students will write and interpret equivalent expressions, combine expressions to form new expressions, predict patterns of change represented by an equation or expression, and solve equations. This manipulation of symbolic expressions is explored using the properties of equality and the Distributive and Commutative Properties. They will see that the properties reveal new information about a given context by critically examining each part of an expression and explaining how each part relates to the original expression.


EasyBridge - Students can go here to access the
math books and resources online.
Website: Easy Bridge
Username: lunch #
Password: 8-digit birthday

Illuminate - This is where students will take Interim assessments, Unit Tests, and weekly quizzes.
Website: Illuminate

Khan Academy - Video lessons and quizzes for extra practice. 
Website:   Khan Academy

PARCC resources - we will access this link occasionally in class so students can have guided practice time using the PARCC online system.
MyMathUniverse - A site directly related to our curriculum. You can access homework help, grade level concepts, and math background videos.  It also includes a separate website, Manga High, with math based games.
Username: lunch #
Password: 8-digit birthday