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Mr. Fields (Math)

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Name: Christian Fields
Telephone: (720) 424-0666
Email: Christian_Fields@dpsk12.org

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9/29/2017: Unit 1 Final Assessment
10/24-25/2017: District Interim 1
11/2/2017: Unit 2 Final Assessment
12/21/2017: Unit 3 Final Assessment

Quizzes and Tests

We have a quiz every WEDNESDAY covering the week's lessons and covering a previously taught standard to help students keep all their learning in the forefront.  These quizzes are on Illuminate.

Current Unit
Looking For Pythagoras
In Looking for Pythagoras, students explore two big ideas: the Pythagorean Theorem and real numbers. In the process of solving the Problems in this Unit, students also review and make connections among the concepts of area, distance, and irrational numbers.  Students begin the Unit by finding the distance between points on a coordinate grid. They explore the areas of figures drawn on a dot grid, and they learn that the positive square root of a number is the side length of a square with an area equal to that number. Students also learn that the cube root of a number is the side length of a cube with a volume equal to that number. Then students discover the Pythagorean relationship through an exploration of squares drawn on the sides of a right triangle. The application of the Pythagorean Theorem often leads to square roots, which are not rational numbers. This is the motivation for students to sort the numbers they know, the set of real numbers, into rational numbers and irrational numbers. In the last Investigation of the Unit, students apply the Pythagorean Theorem to a variety of Problems.


EasyBridge - Students can go here to access the
math books and resources online.
Website: Easy Bridge
Username: lunch #
Password: 8-digit birthday

Illuminate - This is where students will take Interim assessments, Unit Tests, and weekly quizzes.
Website: Illuminate

Khan Academy - Video lessons and quizzes for extra practice. 
Website:   Khan Academy

MyMathUniverse - A site directly related to our curriculum. You can access homework help, grade level concepts, and math background videos.  It also includes a separate website, Manga High, with math based games.
Username: lunch #
Password: 8-digit birthday

PARCC resources - we will access this link occasionally in class so students can have guided practice time using the PARCC online system.