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Mr. Eustis (8th Grade Math)

Ryan Eustis
(720) 424-0667


Current Unit

We are currently on the book: Butterflies, Pinwheels, and Wallpaper. Students will be studying symmetry transformations, and will develop mathematical precise rules for reflection, rotation, and translation.

Quizzes and Tests

We will have a quiz or test every Friday.

Math XL - Students already use this website once per week, but there is plenty of material available for students to be learning and practicing at home. I update the assignments weekly so that students have quick access to problems related to the concepts we are currently learning. These assignments are titled according to the first day of the week (e.g. Week of month/day additional practice). 
Website: Math XL

Illuminate - This is where students will take Interim assessments, Unit Tests, and weekly quizzes.
Website: Illuminate

Khan Academy - A great website that contains excellent video lessons and quick quizzes for extra practice. The link below will direct you to the 8th grade page.

IXL - Another website that can be used for additional quick practice problems.
Website: IXL (8th grade)


There is homework assigned every night. I will either assign a few ACE problems from the book, send a worksheet home, or assign other problems at the end of class. If students do not do their homework at home, then they will lose their recess and complete their homework during that time. 

I am a strong proponent of school/family/extracurricular balance for my students and as such the amount of nightly homework will be quite reasonable. However, the assigned homework is the minimum needed for students to be prepared to participate in class the next day and some students will benefit greatly from doing extra work.