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Ms. MacKenzie (Math)

Name:  Juanita MacKenzie
Email: juanita_mackenzie@dpsk12.org
Phone: 720-424-0676


Current Unit

Covering and Surrounding explores the areas and perimeters of figures.  Attention is given especially to quadrilaterals and triangles.  Students will also explore surface area and volume of rectangular prisms.

Quizzes and Tests
We have a weekly quiz or test that usually is given on Mondays.  The weekly homework assignments correspond to the types of questions that will be given on the quiz/test.



Khan Academy:  Excellent video lessons and quizzes for extra practice. 
Website:   Khan Academy

Mymathuniverse:  A site directly related to our curriculum. You can access homework help, grade level concepts, and math background videos.  It also includes a separate website, Manga High, with math based games.
Website: mymathuniverse

EasyBridge - Students can go here to access the math books and resources online.
Website: Easy Bridge
Username: lunch #
Password: 8-digit birthday

Illuminate - This is where students will take Interim assessments, Unit Tests, and weekly quizzes.
Website: Illuminate


Week:  05/22/17

05/22/17: ACE # 1-4 page 98, ACE # 10-11 page 100
(due Friday 5/26)