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Ms. Hanson (SS)

Contact Me:
Name: Ms. Hanson
Email: julie_hanson@dpsk12.org

Homework this week:
-See Homework General Information

Classroom Announcements

-Students will continue to have their News Story of the Week homework assigned on Monday and due Friday mornings in Schoology.


-We just finished our first unit on geography with students using maps to escape a zombie apocalypse. 


We will be using the National Geographic World Cultures and Geography curriculum this year.  This is a brand new textbook and curriculum in DPS being used for the first time.  The text book is available online on Schoology.

Current Unit: North America

Students will explore the geography, history, and economics of North America.

  • Students will consider the interaction of human and physical systems and why civilizations developed where they did.
  • Students explore how early Native American civilizations developed in diverse ways.
  • Students will explore the consequences of the interaction of European explorers and native cultures. 

As a culminating activity, students will have a primary source document project.

Focus on North America

-Students will be focused on early civilizations in:


    -United States


Homework General Info: 
-Homework is given weekly. 
-Students will have their News Story of the Week assignment posted on Schoology every Monday morning and with it being due on Friday by 7:30AM.  
-These assignments should take your student around 20 minutes per week.

Focus on Literacy
-Students will use a CER (Claims, Evidence, Reasoning) paragraphs to synthesize their learning.

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