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Ms. Hanson 6th Grade Social Studies

Contact Me:
Name: Ms. Julie Hanson
Email: julie_hanson@dpsk12.org

Classroom Announcements


-The course syllabus will be handed out to students and is to be returned to Ms. Hanson signed by Friday, August 31st.  The syllabus is linked below.

-Schoology is available to parents.  All student work is assigned through Schoology and can be accessed   https://schoology.dpsk12.org/

-Student grades and attendance information can be accessed on Parent Portal at https://myportal.dpsk12.org/


We will be using the National Geographic World Cultures and Geography curriculum this year.  This is a brand new textbook and curriculum in DPS being used for the first time.  The text book is available online on Schoology.

Current Unit: Tools of a Geographer

Students will discover the world of maps and geography.

    • Students will build their skills using geographic tools, including maps, globes, infographics, and data.
    • Students will consider the interaction of human and physical systems.
    • Students will explore how geographers use map tools to think about the world.

Focus on Maps

-Students will be using different types of maps to explore how geographers think about the world.

End of Unit Activity

As a culminating activity, students will have to use their knowledge of maps to find a safe location to escape a Zombie Apocalypse.

Homework General Info: 
-Homework is assigned for students who do not complete classwork.

Focus on Literacy
-Students will use a CER (Claims, Evidence, Reasoning) paragraphs to synthesize their learning.