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Ms. Lemahieu (Language Arts)

Welcome to Ms. LeMahieu's 6th grade Language Arts webpage!   

Course Description:  6th grade Language Arts teaches students the knowledge and skills necessary to communicate effectively both orally and in writing and access complex English content in a variety of formats.  Students read and interact with a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts including novels, short stories, plays, poetry, articles and essays.  These texts will serve as source material and models for the various writing pieces that students produce in class ranging from short responses and journal writing to essays, critiques, and longer creative pieces.  The course goal is to produce students who have mastered the literary skills necessary to be successful in high school, college and their future careers.  

Ms. LeMahieu's Contact Information:
Name: Andrea LeMahieu
Email: andrea_lemahieu@dpsk12.org


March 7th:  All AR goals must be met by this Friday.  All late work must be turned in by this Friday.

March 2nd:  
On March 3rd, all students will get a Q3 grade report with all grades & missing assignments. Any missing assignments can be turned in until March 11th for copies.  If you need additional copies of the assignment, they can be found below in the files section or students can get a hard copy in class.  Student who return their grade report signed by Friday will get a free homework pass!

There will be no reading groups this week- I look forward to reading with all of you next week!  

Feb. 22nd, 2016:
Two more weeks to take AR quizzes & reach your AR goals!  Make sure you are reading every night for 20 minutes so you can reach your goal for this quarter.  

Feb. 15th, 2016:
Parent Teacher Conferences will be this Wednesday, Feb. 17th from 4:30-8:30.  Stop by Room 210 to get an update on your child's progress in Language Arts.

Feb. 7th, 2016:
There will be no reading groups after school this week.  Tuesday and Wednesday reading group students will have reading group during lunch this week.  Reading groups will return to normal next week!  

Check out what we are learning!

We are currently studying Unit 3: The Land of the Golden Mountain.  In this unit, students study how an author develops point of view and how an author’s perspective, based on his or her culture, is evident in the writing. As students read Lawrence Yep’s Dragonwings, they analyze how Yep has developed the point of view of the narrator, Moon Shadow. They also read excerpts of Yep’s biography The Lost Garden to determine how his culture and experiences have shaped his perspective as evidenced in the novel. They read accounts by people from the turn of the century in San Francisco, analyzing perspective and comparing the accounts to those in the novel. Finally, students write newspaper articles that convey multiple perspectives about life for Chinese immigrants in San Francisco in the early 1900s.


Dragonwings chapter summaries can be found here:  
  • http://dasmangrade9english.weebly.com/dragonwings-summaries.html
  • file:///Users/andrealemahieu/Downloads/LITERARY%20TEXT%20Dragonwings%20Study%20Guide.pdf


Week of March 7th: AOW#8 due on Friday!

Week of March 1st:  AOW#7 due on Friday!  

Week of Feb. 22nd:
Essay Prompts B & F due on Monday, Feb. 22nd.
AOW#7 due on Thursday!

Week of Feb. 16th:
AOW#6 due on Friday!
Essay Prompt J due Tuesday (02/16)

Week of Feb. 8th:
AOW#5 due on Thursday!  

Quizzes and Tests

Week of March 14th:  Students will take their end of unit research exam on Wednesday, March 16th.   No need to study- just come ready to do your best!
Week of Feb. 22nd:
There will be a test on Monday, Feb. 22nd.  We will be taking this test online.  No need to study- just come ready to show everything you have learned over the past few weeks!

Week of Feb. 16th:
There will be no quizzes this week.  The next quiz will be Monday, Feb. 22nd.

Week of Feb. 8th:
The next quiz will be Wednesday, Feb. 10th in class.  No need to study- just come prepared to show what you know!  

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