Hi, I am Selma Wang Yuxuan. I am very excited to start this site to document my impressive moments and ideas in learning and teaching. 

I used to be a "Teach for China" teaching fellow. I taught primary students Chinese, art and music class in rural China before my Designing Powerful Learning Environments (DPLE) program at The University of Hong Kong.  I love kids, I love teaching, I love learning. I wish to apply all the knowledge that I am learning here in my future education career.

My passion toward education was sparked in this small village. It is a beautiful place, the wind is so soft, the shapes of the clouds change all the time, and the best thing there is the blue sky with bright sunshine all year. You could hear the choir from various insects at night with a starry night vivid as Van Gogh's painting. The time I spent there will be the most precious and unforgettable memory of my whole life.