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I am a primary school art teacher in an international school in Hong Kong, a part-time Med student specializing in "Designing powerful Learning Environments" at Hong Kong University and a mother of 2 children.

 I came to  education after beginning my career as an architect with a BArch from The University of Cape Town and a BAS from the University of Western Australia. After 10 years of working in architectural offices I began to develop an interest in education and I began to apply some of my understanding of the architectural design process to the design of my own teaching environments as an art teacher and as a teacher of English as a second language.

My experiences as a specialist teacher in different school cultures have led me to question and to seek a deeper understanding of a number of issues in education that I consider to be key to improving learning environments in schools:

1. I have often found that schools tend to fall into two camps. They either emphasize learning as being  teacher-centred, standards and assessment driven or they view learning as a form of guided discovery.  I want to understand how I can design, and facilitate learning environments in which children are able to think creatively and independently and still develop critical thinking skills that are deep and rigorous.

2. In my experience Arts education in schools tends to be peripheral, undervalued and isolated from other forms of learning. It interests me to look at the ways in which the arts can contribute to an individual's academic, social and cultural development,  how they can be integrated into other disciplines as tool for learning and how excellence in the arts can become a valued academic goal.

3. After many years as a member of the education profession I have found that my growth as a teacher and a person has been achieved almost entirely by  my own efforts to improve my teaching through self-initiated research and the very slow process of learning through trial and error.  It seems to me that as a profession we lose a very valuable opportunity to learn from one another within the school environment and I hope to dedicate the next stage of my educational career to learning from different models of professional development and to finding ways of implementing new ideas about teacher learning in schools.