Business Partnerships

 The focus of the Business Partnerships subcommittee is to create a process for CTE teachers to connect with business and industry.  Although we know that many great connections are being made everyday in CTE classrooms across the state, we have identified a gap in a systematic approach to business partnerships. 
The note and resources on this site are intended to inform the conversation about what business/education partnerships look like?


Meeting Notes:

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  • SHRM—summary of notes
  • WISCareers:  through the 18 SHRM chapters, there is a workforce readiness liaison—focus is to get business people into schools to be volunteers in order to create awareness for students and educators. With a goal to get teachers thinking about what’s happening outside of the four walls of their classroom    
  • Develop a list of membership associations related to pathways associated with business and marketing. Sending out our finished products to all associatons 
  • To create a framework for developing business partnerships in your district and school community.
  • The business partnership model:  See handout      
  • WMC connection; teacher externships; take a teacher to work day (WICPA)—Mary has a sample
  • Safeway and California DECA example


  • Leadership Certificate is very much endorsed from the advisory sub committee
  • Business/Education partnerships were mentioned:  Lincoln County: JA
  • established business relationships=common goal (youth leadership to establish a mutually beneficial relationship for long term purposes)  
  • no matter what the CTE content, depending on the size of the community, the leadership credential could serve as a catalyst for a systematic approach to partnerships
  • Where are we sitting down with industry to create a dialog?  DWD; regional economic boards (what role can the state economic board do?, Lions Club, Rotary)
  • CTE already has a template/foundation to create those business partnerships--brochures, etc.
  • Where do partnerships currently exist?  CTE, student organizations--is there a seguay through which we can
  • What is our goal?  inch deep, mile wide?  Or do one thing really well?
  • Chamber of Commerce--Amanda spends her summer visiting businesses in order to develop relationships--sitting down with them to "interview" them in order to bring the business partners into her classroom--it's a networking thing.
  • Ron--businesses go to the schools during orientation and gave presentation to Merrill and Tomahawk districts--bring teachers into the businesses in order to build capacity for understanding what happens in 6-7 different businesses.  Started with school board; offered to do orientation presentations to teachers (part of the Lincoln county partners in education). 

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