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Transcripted Credit Information with the WTCS

Meeting Date

June 28, 2011

Members in Attendance

  Moira Lafayette
  Larry Gee



Issues Reviewed:  For each issue, provide information on the topic, the discussion, summary or conclusion for this meeting, and action steps related to the topic.


What is the end result of your work on this subgroup?  i.e. grid of programs, B&I industry statement, background information, research results, etc.

The Transcription  Credit workgroup acknowledges that the WTCS currently maintains a listing of the courses that have been articulated for advance placement or transcripted credit across all districts.  A list of the Career Prep (formerly Tech Prep) coordinators is also maintained by the WTCS. The workgroup determined that there is value in identifying barriers and best practices to working with highschools, parents, students and other stakeholders to improve the process and overall value of transcripted and advanced placement credits for the WTCS.  view at:


The following objectives were identified:

1) What barriers are there for districts,  highschools and 4 year institutions to putting agreements in place?

2) Would it be appropriate for the BMIT  Advisory Committee to promote better communiticatio between the districts, highschools and other stakeholders (administrators, instructors, students and parents)?

3) What percent of the Career Prep  Coordinator at each district is devoted to facilitating transcripted or advance placement credit agreements?

4) What are the best practices of districts working with high schools, what has worked and what has been a struggle?

5) What data is there to evaluate the cost effectiveness or benefits of transcripted credits?  Do we track the number of students per credit if they enroll in a WTCS program?  Do we track how many students go to a 2 year vs. 4 year program?  How do parents know about available transcripted credit and are they involved in the student's enrollment in courses?


What resources are needed to make this result happen?  i.e. websites, trade journals, persons, survey, etc.

The WTCS maintains general information about transcripted agreements at  In additon the BMIT may want to invite Anne Westrich from the WTCS to share information on what resources exist at the WTCS Office and one or two Career Prep Coordinators to share their perspective about the challenges.   





Complete the Next Steps grid below (or next page) to show action steps, responsibilities, and timelines for your work.


Issues/Items identified for future meetings or research





Next Steps


Assigned To


Share resources on existing process


     WTCS & BM&IT Advisory Council

     Spring 2012

Gather feedback from stakeholders on what their information needs are.


   Larry.  I could develop an electronic survey to send to various stakeholders to get an idea of their thoughts.  Also could include some questions to help target our objectives.  

     December 2011

Identify and share effective practices from districts.


     Larry.  I could ask the other Bus Deans to bring info to Oct Bus Deans meeting.

     perhaps by the BMIT next meeting in October.







































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