Fact Sheet : Dual Credit Options

Transcripted and Advance Standing Credit
Students may earn dual credit for a course at the high school level as well as from the technical college/ post-secondary institution that has an articulation agreement in place with the high school.  Students earn both high school and technical college credit simultaneously. Articulation agreements allow for students to take a high school course that is comparable to a technical college course and per the agreement in place, the student will be granted credit from the technical college upon enrollment to that institution. 
For more information read: Ways in which High School Students Can Earn Technical College Credit through Articulation (Wisconsin Technical College System, 2009)  which documents the Advance standing vs. Transcripted Credit options (see attached or visit: http://systemattic.wtcsystem.edu/Instruction/Career-Prep/Advanced-Standing-vs-Transcripted-Credit.pdf )
Whether you are a student looking to gain dual credit for a business, marketing or information technology class you are interested in taking, or a parent or advisor looking to find out how to optimize a student's time and resources, there are many credit transfer options in place between the high schools, technical colleges and four-year institutions in Wisconsin.  To learn more about these resources, or to talk to others who have developed and implemented agreements already, please visit the following links..
Transfer Agreements by Wisconsin Technical College http://www.witechcolleges.org/transfer/agreements_by_college.php
University of Wisconsin Transfer Guides & Agreements http://tis.uwsa.edu/resources/ga/agreements.html
Jun 13, 2012, 8:21 AM