Writing Samples

Grades 4-5
 Pursuasive Essay  Letter to the Editor
 Personal Essay  The Day I Took the Spotlight
 Descriptive Writing  My Favorite Place to Go
 Multimedia Report  Saddle Up!
Grades 6-8
 Personal Narrative    A Racist Warehouse
 News Feature Story  What Really Matters
 News Editorial Story  Hang Up and Drive
 Report Writing  The Aloha State
 Business Letter  Dear Dr. Larson
 Interactive Report  Lord Aaron's Castle
 Multimedia Report  Hurricaine Havoc
 Grades 9-12
 Research Paper      Should Smoking Be Banned in Public Restaurants
 Personal Narrative  The Climb
 News Feature  Internet Plagiarism
 Interview Report  Student Entrepreneur
 Business Letter  Dear Ms. Cline
 Descriptive Writing      H's Hickory Chips