Math Lit Standard 3

Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.

Mathematically proficient students can:

    • Use observations and prior knowledge (stated assumptions, definitions, and previous established results) to make conjectures and construct arguments.
    • Compare and contrast logical arguments and identify which one makes the most sense.
    • Justify (orally and in written form) the approach used, including how it fits in the context from which the data arose.
    • Listen, understand, analyze, and respond to the arguments of others.
    • Identify and explain both correct and flawed logic.
    • Recognize and use counterexamples to refine assumptions or definitions and dispute or disprove an argument.
Grades 6-8  
Unit (if appropriate)
Intro to Business     Read a current events article relating to something financial.  Apply what they know to describe how they feel about what is presented in the article.  Create a summary (written or presentation) to state whether they agree or disagree with the article.
Computer Applications Develop a spreadsheet to learn Excel features.  Explain the logic behind the formulas used and how the spreadsheet can be developed into a chart to better analyze the data.
Intro to Business Play "The Stock Market Game" choosing a number of companies to invest in; explain why you chose those companies.
Grades 9-10  
Unit (if appropriate)
Accounting Explain debits and credits and give examples of each.  Include the reasoning of how to figure out what is a debit and what is a credit.
Personal Finance Watch the PBS Credit Video.  Explain advantages and disadvantages of credit cards.  Include an example of how a purchase on a credit card can cost considerably more than if paying by cash.
Entrepreneurship or Bus Mgmt Read any book about an entrepreneur and explain how their wise use of money contributed to their success.
Grades 11-12  
Unit (if appropriate)
Business Management Analyzing financial statements, reading annual reports, discussing the financial status of a company, then creating a written or oral presentiation to explain their findings.
Personal Finance Have students fill out a budget for a month.  Include all income and expenses.  Using their budget, develop a presentation to explain where their money comes from, where it goes and how that could be improved.  Use peer analysis to give suggestions.
Business Management Choose a business to represent.  After research, convince a potential investor to invest in your company, using financial citings as a draw to the investor.