Next Generation Learning -
The Institute at Cooperative Education Service Agency (CESA) #1

DPI is deeply committed to the transformation of education by leveraging the benefits of digital learning. To this end, DPI has partnered with the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) on the Innovation Lab Network, a project of the Partnership for Next Generation Learning. The Innovation Lab Network works to identify new designs for public education that empower each individual student to thrive as a productive learner, worker, and citizen. CCSSO facilitates this network of seven select states—Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, the innovation lab is housed within the CESA #1 region of Southeastern Wisconsin. The Board of Control of Cooperative Educational Service Agency #1, by resolution, created The Institute @ CESA #1 to work with the 45 member school districts on a regional approach to transforming public education into a system that is student-centered and personalized for each learner. Its mission is to establish personalized learning as the dominant approach to educating students.

The Institute uses a unique regional action network approach to take advantage of multiple sites, simultaneously test a variety of strategies and models, and share research and learning to accelerate the effort. While it is certainly not only about technology, the availability and use of digital tools and media to personalize learning for students has been a key component in many of the projects underway in the region.