Related Statewide Reform Initiatives

There are several statewide efforts that directly impact the efforts of the Digital Learning Advisory Plan, and which are reflected in this road map. A brief description of these initiatives is provided below as a way of making clear these connections. The Council believes these recommendations must not compete but complement other statewide strategic efforts, and that the plan make these connections explicit.
These efforts include:

Reform Initiatives in Summary

Central to each of these efforts is a heavy emphasis on technology, transparency, and data. These initiatives require us to leverage digital tools and information systems to ensure a statewide reach. To make the systems meaningfulin support of continuously improving learning environmentswe must use technology to gather and report more than just test scores.  Information around instructional practices and how such practices affect individual students with diverse learning styles must be analyzed and then applied. The same types of decision-support systems that private industry uses to help constantly evolve and improve product and service quality should be available to PK-12 education as well.