Professional Learning and Leadership

The world has changed and will continue to change at an increasing pace.  Both learning tools and the skills necessary to thrive in tomorrow’s digital world require a nimble and changing educational system. Today’s leaders will need a mind set and collection of tools that will empower dynamic change.

As we move forward into an era where school and learning is delivered through a multitude of formats, it becomes imperative that all involved in education including classroom teachers and paraprofessionals, school and district leaders, board members, and citizens recognize and understand the need for linking and leveraging resources. Professional learning and leadership is essential to meet the educational needs of students and prepare them for their future. To accomplish this, a shift needs to occur so all educators and education leaders should be able to answer the question,  “How am I using digital age resources and leadership to improve teacher practice and student learning?”

Essential to this vision is establishing a venue for professional learning, where educators connect with instructional and pedagogical best practices in a collaborative community, which optimizes personalized learning.  This collaborative learning culture must be a virtual place that leverages experiences of experts who have succeeded in this arena, including those with deep experience in social networking, problem-based learning, digital literacy, and information management.