Charge to the Group

The Digital Learning Advisory Council (DLAC) was created to provide intellectual and practical insights into all aspects of digital learning in Wisconsin. The DLAC was charged with developing a comprehensive plan for PK-12 digital learning in Wisconsin. This report represents recommendations and will continually be updated. The DLAC’s intent is to publish a living digital learning document, which provides recommendations to the State Superintendent on initiatives that  advance PK-12 digital learning, and which serves as a guidepost for educators and digital learning stakeholders.

Uses of the Plan

We anticipate several specific uses for the Wisconsin digital learning comprehensive plan.  The statewide plan provides:
  1. a road map for decision-makers to implement PK-12 digital learning in Wisconsin.  
  2. a road map for school districts to use when developing their local digital learning plans including alignment to best emerging practices in instructional content and assessment.
  3. a road map for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction to use in making strategic decisions regarding agency resource allocation and implementation.
  4. specific targets for public and private Wisconsin partners to aim their resources in pursuit of the goals set out in the plan.

Related Statewide Efforts
There are several statewide efforts that directly impact the efforts of the Digital Learning Advisory Plan, and which are reflected in this road map. A brief description of these initiatives is provided below as a way of making clear these connections. The Council believes these recommendations must not compete but complement other statewide strategic efforts, and that the plan make these connections explicit.
These efforts include: