Veterans Day Resources

Why are paper Buddy Poppies distributed by the VFW on Veterans Day?  Find out here.

Flyer for the Veterans History Project and the Wisconsin Veterans Oral History Program

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Diigo list of Veterans Day resources

The official Veterans Day website from the federal Department of Veterans Affairs has information for educators, including a teaching guide with information on the history of Veterans Day and ideas on bringing veterans into the classroom and a gallery of Veterans Day posters going back to 1978. 

The Veterans History Project is a great opportunity for students to learn about history personally, as well as a lesson in primary sources. 

Wisconsin's Veterans Museum offers a similar program with the Wisconsin Veterans Oral History Program.  Why not do an oral history project with your student and submit to both the Wisconsin and federal projects?
How about Take a Vet to School Day?  Sponsored by the History Channel, you can get information on ho
w to plan a school visit by a local veteran. 

The VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) organization also has information for educators regarding Veterans Day.