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Diigo list on North Korea & Kim Jong Il

The official announcement from the US Department of State, and from the White House

Resources from the New York Times, including essential questions, news articles, and multi-media presentations.

North Korean state television announcing the death of Kim Jong Il.

From Associated Press:  raw video footage of Kim Jong Il lying in state and his son, Kim Jong Un, paying respect.

Also from Associated Press:  raw video footage of the reaction to Kim Jong Il's death by North Koreans. 

The United Kingdom paper The Guardian has a series on the death of the dictator. does The Economist

The Chicago Sun-Times has information on the view from South Korea.

An obituary of Kim Jong Il by the New York Times.  NPR also has a timeline of the dictator's life, and Reuter's has a timeline of his rule. 

Time magazine ponders:  could this lead to reunification of the Koreas?  and gives some biographical information on Kim Jong Il's expected successor, his son, Kim Jong Un.     The Economist also takes a look at - what's next?  From the Korea Economic Institute:  Life after Kim Jong Il. 

The Associated Press has released the last known photo taken of Kim Jong Il, as he goes through a supermarket in Pyongyang.  His entourage is standing in order of importance. 

One of the most fascinating photos to me is this one of the Korean peninsula at night.  What discussion could be started with your students on what this shows?

The death of North Korea's leader, Kim Jong Il, on December 17, 2011, has impact around the world as we face uncertainty as to the future of the country,  a Communist dictatorship since the 1950's. 

What ahead for North Korea and international diplomacy, and what information is out there for your students?

National Geographic's view Inside North Korea

Lesson plans and resources from PBS on North Korea

Information and lesson ideas on North Korea from the World Affairs Institute

Information on North Korea from the East Asia Institute of UW-Madison include websites of resources and lesson plans. 

On Slate, a set of pictures showing North Korea under Kim Jong Il. 

GDP differences between North & South Korea.

Life in a North Korean labor camp, by the BBC News. 

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