Labor History Month - May

Diigo list of resources for
Labor History Month

Please note:  All links to outside resources are free to public use.  Any links those sites may have to resources for purchase are not reviewed or endorsed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 

The Wisconsin Labor History Society has a huge amount of resources for teachers, including curriculum ideas and student contests that look at the history of labor in the United States and more specifically, in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Historical Society has online archives in the Wisconsin "Birth of the Labor Movement". 

The National Archives has primary source documents such as photographs and paperwork, most dealing with child labor laws. 

The Library of Congress American Folklife Center also has many primary source documents related to Labor History. 

The Illinois Labor History Society has a list of historical events in May that tie to the history of labor in the U.S.

Tinker - Tailor - Trader is a program from the New York State Museum that looks at early trades in colonial times of Albany, NY. 

Did you know that it's the law in Wisconsin to incorporate the history of organized labor and the collective bargaining process into social studies?  You can find more information on the WI DPI website for Labor History