Euro Crisis

The recession of 2008 affected people around the world.  The European Union has seen it's own fiscal crisis in the past few years.  Here are some resources with background information about the Euro Crisis.

The BBC has a lot of graphic representations of the crisis that (at least for me!) made it much easier to understand
In Graphics:  The Eurozone in Crisis
Timeline:  The Unfolding Eurozone Crisis
What Really Caused the Eurozone Crisis?
Eurozone Debt Web:  Who Owes What to Whom?
EU and the Euro:  Where They Stand

A short, 3-minute video that gives an overview of the history of the Euro on it's 10th anniversary, Jan 1, 2012.

An introductory video for students joining the Euro Challenge.  This is a great outline of basics of the European Union and the challenges the Euro is facing.  This is about a half hour long.

A six-minute video from Newsnight in 2010 about the Euro Crisis.

Lessons from the European Union website.  Lesson 6 looks at the Monetary Union and Lesson 7 looks at trade. 

Diigo list of resources on the Euro Crisis

Many thanks to Csanad Siklos and the Center for European Studies at UW-Madison for building this list. 

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