National Black History Month Resources

Carter G. Woodson, historian, journalist and author, was the first to encourage a celebration of African-American history in 192,6, for the purpose of creating a voice for African-Americans in traditional history textbooks.  Officially observed in the United States since 1976, Black History Month is also often called African-American History Month. 

Diigo list of Black History Month Resources

EdSitement! from the National Endowment for the Humanities has many lesson ideas and primary source resources on Black History Month. 

Smithsonian Education has a virtual tour of African American Cultural Heritage, as well as many other resources. 

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a website on Black History Month with primary source photographs, especially of African-Americans' involvement with the liberation of concentration camps in Europe at the end of World War II. 

The Library of Congress has a dedicated site looking at Black History Month.  It outlines exhibits and collections, images, audio and video collections, as well as information for teachers on using resources in the classroom.  There is a huge range of primary sources to use, but also ideas on how to use those resources in the classroom. 

Edutopia has a site dedicated to Black History Month, as well Educators can find links to sites such as the Smithsonian, NEA, and Scholastic.

Black History Month information and resources from  There are articles, videos, and links to different information and themes such as Jim Crow laws or Black Women in Art and Literature

Bio in the Classroom from shows when biographies will be aired on the cable channel during Black History Month, but also gives brief biographies of individuals of note.  Along the left side of the page, you can see links for pages on African American Achievement and the Harlem Renaissance, for example.  The Black History Timeline could be a great way to start a guided conversation in the classroom.

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