With the attacks in Wisconsin mid-2012 focused against people of the Sikh faith, I received many requests for information on the religion and culture.  Here are some resources I've found. 

Diigo list on Sikh resources


Please note:  All links to outside resources are free to public use unless otherwise mentioned.  Any links those sites may have to resources for purchase are not reviewed or endorsed by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. 

The Sikh Coalition has a huge amount of information and resources about the Sikh faith, and many resources specifically intended for teachers.  There are PowerPoints on Sikh Awareness, talking points, lesson plans, a population map, and lists of resources.  In addition, they have information on bullying prevention and a case study.  The Sikh Coalition also has videos on their YouTube channel such as "Why I wear the turban" and "Combating profiling".

Want to know more about Sikhism?  Check out "About Sikhs" at the Sikh Coalition website. 

My First Sikh Book may help younger students understand the Sikh faith at their level. 

Used with permission from the Sikh Coalition

The Sikh Next Door is a short video and accompanying lesson plan.  You can purchase the video for under $5 on  Please note:  I have not seen the video nor does DPI endorse it.  It is, however, another possible resource for teachers.

Your Sikh students could compete in the Diversity Video Competition.  This years' competition is entitled "My Crown: My Faith".  

Gateway to Sikhism also has a lot of resources, including history and biographies of Sikh gurus and famous Sikhs.  They have a Sikh Youth page that may appeal to your students. 

Sikhnet has many resources, as well, including an "Introduction to Sikhism".