ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State Resources

The events in Iraq and Syria with Islamic State/ISIS/ISIL have rocked the world.  Here are some resources  that may help you address Islamic State in your classroom. 

ISIS = Islamic State of Iraq and Syria
ISIL = Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

Following up-to-date information on ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State online:  #islamicstate #isis

The Choices Program at Brown University has a lesson in their "Teaching with the News" series on "ISIS: A New Threat".  It includes primary sources and analysis of political cartoons. 

The Learning Network at the NY Times has a new resource/lesson entitled The ISIS Threat: Teaching About the Complex War Raging in Iraq and Syria.  The lesson plan has an inquiry base - "what do students already know?  Let's analyze images and text sources"  as well as general background information.  There are a LOT of links to additional resources. 

The UK Daily Mail has released a video taken by a woman in Syria on daily life under the Islamic State.  She took the video illegally under her niqab. 

The Economist's Middle East and Africa desk has up to date information on worldwide events dealing with ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State. 

The Financial Times has an interactive map showing the advance of ISIS into Iraq. 

The NY Times also has a set of maps, photos and videos about the Islamic State that could be very helpful for student understanding. 

C-Span Classroom has a number of videos and other resources marked in their "ISIS/ISIL" tag.
Map from The Washington Post (click through)

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