Wisconsin Social Studies

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Social Studies Consultant updates this site with current information regarding professional development opportunities, monthly social studies chats, and other information regarding building a statewide social studies professional learning network (PLN). 

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Questions may be directed to me at kristen.mcdaniel@dpi.wi.gov 

WI Events & Professional Development for Social Studies Teachers

(A larger calendar can be found on the calendar page)

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction has teamed with state social studies organizations to continually update this calendar with professional development opportunities for Wisconsin Social Studies Teachers. 
The use of GoogleCalendars allows you to view opportunities, print the agendas and information, or download any information to your own GoogleCalendar. 
Please note:  Any information sent is subject to public disclosure.  Events placed on this calendar are not endorsed or sponsored by DPI.  This is for information dissemination purposes only.
If you have something of interest that you'd like added to the calendar, please contact me at the email address below.