Monitoring and Updating

The Combined Information and Technology Literacy Plan is focused on the upcoming three years (2014-2017), however the plan does project out 10 years.  This was intentional as effort was made to account for technology replacement schedules.  This will provide the District more information to better plan annually and also long term.  The ongoing monitoring of the plan will be completed through the District Technology Leadership Team (DTLT).  The team meets monthly throughout the school year.  The DTLT will continuously monitor and adjust the plan as needed.  Regarding evaluating the impact of the plan, a technology effectiveness platform called Clarity will be used to measure the effectiveness of the plan.  Clarity is a research-based online platform created by BrightBytes that measures the effectiveness of technology in schools and offers data-driven recommendations. BrightBytes is a learning analytics company that combines data with educational research to inform and measure improved learning outcomes using an evaluation framework called CASE.  CASE is a research-based framework outlining the essential factors schools need in order to improve learning through the use of technology. The framework includes 4 domains - Classroom, Access, Skills and Environment. Each domain measures different areas as described in the diagram below.  Upon approval of the plan by the Wausau Board of Education and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the District will implement an assessment for the various stakeholder groups using the Clarify platform.  This will provide the District baseline data and the assessment will be provided annually to inform the DTLT so we can be fluid in our planning and to promote growth over time.  Below is brief video illustration more information specific to Clarity and the CASE framework.

Clarity Overview

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