School and District Library Media Program

The Library Media Program is integral to the Information and Technology Literacy Plan. The Library Media Program helps review grade level standards and benchmarks (aligned to ISTE-NETS, AASL, and CCSS), provide direct instruction to students aligned to these standards, and help provide professional development to staff. The Library Media Specialists have completed a review of literature and compiled research specific to best practice in regards to library media programming. The current structure of the Library Media Program is one that utilizes both flex and fixed scheduling. At the high schools and middle schools, each school has a full time Library Media Specialist and the positions implement a fixed schedule which allows for more collaboration and teaming with classroom teachers. Additionally, this also helps support job embedded professional development.

At the elementary schools, all but two schools have a part time Librarian assigned to each building. The elementary level utilizes a rotational fixed schedule in which buildings share full time Library Media Specialists. A new version of this schedule was implemented during the 2013-2014 school year. This allows Library Media Specialists to see classes once for 30 minutes on one week and once for 60 minutes the following week. This has increased the amount of instructional time by 30 minutes every other week from years past. The Librarians have been working to integrate more technology into the Library Media Program, especially during the 60 minute rotation. This will continue to be a focus in future years. In an effort to provide more access to technologies in the elementary libraries, all schools have a Chromebook cart for use through the Library Media Program. To help address the staffing needs of increasing the instructional minutes, an additional Library Media Specialist was hired during the summer of 2013 to help address the increase in instructional time. Additionally, part time Library Aides were hired at the elementary level to mirror the rotational schedule of the Library Media Specialists and help assist with some of the non-instructional responsibilities to maintain the Library Media Program. Due to the nature of the requirements of the current fixed schedule, there is very limited flex time available for Elementary Library Media Specialists. As a result, there is very limited time for collaboration and job embedded professional development. This will continue to be reviewed in future years of the plan. The information below illustrates current staffing in the Library Media Program:
  • West High School (1 FTE Library Media Specialist, Library Support 37.5 hours)
  • East High School (1 FTE Library Media Specialist, Library Support 37.5 hours)
  • Horace Mann Middle School (1 FTE Library Media Specialist, Library Support 32.5 hours)
  • John Muir Middle School (1 FTE Library Media Specialist, Library Support 32.5 hours)
  • Elementary Schools (8 FTE Library Media Specialist, , Elementary Program Support (37.5), 4 Part Time Library Support 80 hours)
During the 2012-2013 school year, each of the Library Media Specialists analyzed their schools usage of the various subscriptions of online services and also completed a TitleWise Analysis to review statistics and data unique to each schools print collection. The below information represents this information and also a goal narrative indicating the focus for future years for that school.

Library Media Goal Narrative, Usage, and Collection Analysis
Schools Goal Narrative Usage Statistics Titlewise Analysis
Elementary Schools
Franklin Franklin Goal NarrativeFranklin Usage StatisticsFranklin Titlewise Analysis
GrantGrant Goal Narrative
Grant Usage Statistics
Grant Titlewise Analysis
Hawthorn HillsHawthorn Hills Goal Narrative
Hawthorn Hills Usage StatisticsHawthorn Hills Titlewise Analysis
Hewitt-TexasHewitt-Texas Goal Narrative
Hewitt Texas Usage Statistics
Hewitt-Texas Titlewise Analysis
Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson Goal Narrative
Thomas Jefferson Usage StatisticsThomas Jefferson Titlewise Analysis
G. D. JonesG.D. Jones Goal Narrative
G.D. Jones Usage Statistics
G.D. Jones Titlewise Analysis
LincolnLincoln Goal Narrative
Lincoln Usage Statistics
Lincoln Titlewise Analysis
MaineMaine Goal Narrative
Maine Usage Statistics
Maine Titlewise Analysis
John MarshallJohn Marshall Goal Narrative        John Marshall Usage StatisticsJohn Marshall Titlewise Analysis
Rib MountainRib Mountain Goal NarrativeRib Mountain Usage Statistics
Rib Mountain Titlewise Analysis
RiverviewRiverview Goal Narrative
Riverview Usage Statistics
Riverview Titlewise Analysis
South MountainSouth Mountain Goal Narrative
South Mountain Usage StatisticsSouth Mountain Titlewise Analysis
StettinStettin Goal Narrative
Stettin Usage Statistics
Stettin Titlewise Analysis
Middle Schools
Horace MannHorace Mann Goal Narrative Horace Mann Usage Statistics Horace Mann Titlewise Analysis
John Muir John Muir Goal NarrativeJohn Muir Usage Statistics John Muir Titlewise Analysis
High Schools
Wausau East Wausau East Goal Narrative Wausau East Usage Statistics Wausau East Titlewise Analysis
Wausau West Wausau West Goal Narrative Wausau West Usage Statistics Wausau West Titlewise Analysis