Infrastructure & Inventories


As part of the long range planning process, the Technology Services Department established life-cycles for technology as part of this plan.  This includes establishing the number of years specific technology will be in-service.  For example, desktop computers are set at 7 years, laptop computer 5 years, phone system 10 years, projectors 6 years, etc.  Additionally, the computing platform will be changing from one that is Microsoft Window's as the primary client to an environment where mobile devices will be the primary client.  This also includes a three year approach to provide 1:1 mobile devices to all K-12 students- Apple iPads at the elementary level and Google Chromebooks at the secondary level.  The result of doing this will allow the District to not replace current aged desktop computers but rather invest these monies into more mobile devices.

Another highlight of the plan includes providing a laptop computer to every licensed staff member in the District.  This should help greatly, as teachers are being asked to collaborate in teams, analyze data, and create an increasingly larger amount of digital materials.  Also, this plan attempts to address inequities of classroom instructional technology access such as projectors and interactive whiteboard.  To conclude, the plan also addresses the needed bandwidth and switching infrastructure to effectively implement the long range plan as well as address an aging and future unsupported Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone system.

Computer Workstations:  The proposed strategy is very connected to mobile device plan.  We have 939 number of computers not capable of running Windows 7 (XP EoL April 8th 2014). This plan eliminates the replacement of these devices in place of iPads for elementary students and laptops for elementary staff.

Classroom Technology:  The Technology Services Department completed an inventory of what instructional spaces have projectors and Interactive Whiteboards.  In order to create equity (new teachers, room changes, new curriculum, student experiences), many classrooms still need to be updated.

Instructional areas that have SB

Instructional areas that have Projectors

Instructional areas that NEED SB ONLY

Instructional areas that NEED PROJECTOR ONLY





In addition, the proposed plan includes a replacement schedule for equipment.