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With the data and research information available, the District Technology Leadership Team (representing each grade level and department in the District, administration, and the Technology Services Department) worked to develop a long-term plan for technology introduction and integration across the District. This includes a continuum from introducing digital devices, to providing focused professional development, to integrating the use of digital devices into the curriculum as a tool for increased teacher effectiveness and student learning. Realizing for a technology plan to be successful, the following key components must be present and viable:
  • Pedagogy, instruction, and curriculum
  • Data and assessments
  • Professional learning and leadership
  • Hardware, infrastructure, and information systems
  • Academic supports (staffing, insurance, connectivity outside the school, etc.)
  • The District Technology Leadership Team (DTLT) worked in subgroups (representing grade level bands – elementary, middle, and high school) with the components listed above as a guide in their planning. Each grade level band began to develop a long-range plan deemed to meet the needs of their respective level. All recommendations were discussed by the DTLT and District Administrators, and a draft plan was completed.

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