Introduction and Purpose

The District-Wide Combined Information (Library Media) and Technology Plan for the School District of Tomahawk covers the next three years, 2015 – 2018. The plan unifies the district’s resources in Educational Technology and Instructional Media and Technology together into a comprehensive plan to meet the needs of our schools and our students. Wisconsin school districts submit a School Board approved Information (Library Media) and Technology Plan to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) for approval. A certified plan on file at the DPI provides the school district with eligibility for state and federal funding that supports the school library media and instructional technology programs. Prescriptive contents of the long‐range information (library media) and technology plan are provided by the DPI.


The plan consists of a number of sections identified by the tabs within the website. Background information on the district and the mission of the school as well as its role in educational technology are presented. This is followed by the information literacy and technology vision for the district based on the technology and library media needs assessment. This vision statement precedes specific goals and initiatives that direct the districts teaching and learning strategies so that students can achieve at high levels. The plan goals established for the Information (Library Media) and Technology Plan: July 2015 - June 2018, are:

Goal 1: Student Learning:

Tomahawk School District will utilize current and emerging media technology resources that support quality classroom curricula's enhancing student learning, supporting 21st Century Personalized Learning objectives. 

Goal 2: Effective Teaching and Learning Practices:                    

The staff will readily access the technology needed to promote skills for effective and efficient student learning along with their own personal and professional learning to support state and national standards.

Goal 3: Access to Information Resources and Learning Tools:    

The Tomahawk School District students and staff will have access to learning tools and information resources necessary to search, evaluate, manage, manipulate, communicate and construct information and learning to support 21st Century Learning and personalized learning opportunities.  

Goal 4: Support Systems and Leadership: 

The Tomahawk School District will provide a vision to stakeholders that illustrates the implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure, policies, information resources and learning tools.

The Information (Library Media) and Technology Plan: July 2015 - June 2018 has been developed by a broad cross section of administrators, teachers, school library media and technology specialists, parents, and community members. This planning tool includes an analysis of the current School District of Tomahawk’s Information (Library Media) and Technology Plan: 2012 -2015. The Information (Library Media) and Technology Plan: July 2015 - June 2018 reflects a vision and mission grounded in current research and best practices for how a robust information (library media) and technology program affect student learning and academic achievement. The plan’s goals for students and staff reflect information technology competencies and technology infrastructure. The website includes how the plan is disseminated to stakeholders and how progress toward the goals is monitored and evaluated. The districts efforts coincide with the goals in the Wisconsin Digital Learning Plan.

Indication of Relationship Between Plan and Vision and Mission Statements

The School District of Tomahawk Vision is stated as:

The School District of Tomahawk will become the district of choice, known for its high levels of student achievement, the excellence of its programs, and its sound stewardship.

  • Student understanding will be fostered through a rigorous, coordinated curriculum that embraces global perspectives and best instructional practices, including relevant applications of current technologies.

  • Meaningful relationships among students, staff, and community members will be the foundation for student successes.

  • Coordinated efforts between the school and community will meet effectively the social, emotional, and academic needs of the whole child and every child.

The mission statement of the School District of Tomahawk is:

    Boldly empowering all students to be socially responsible, life-long learners in an ever changing world.

The District Information and Technology Vision and Mission Statements are based directly on and fully support the District Vision and Mission Statements.  The goals set forth in the plan are designed with both in full view and fully illustrates congruence between both the District Information and Technology Vision and Mission Statements and the School District of Tomahawk Mission and Vision Statements. 

Community / School District Demographics


The Tomahawk region is home to more than fifteen lakes and flowages offering many recreation and fishing opportunities. The city of Tomahawk, founded by William H. Bradley (1838 – 1902), as a feisty up-start is referred to as “The Magical City.” This heritage and reputation remains today with innovative employers and full integration of community and school. The major employers in the Tomahawk area include Packaging Corporation of America, Harley-Davidson Motor Corporation, and  Louisiana Pacific Corporation. Other employment is provided by light manufacturing, service industries, and some tourism related small businesses. Of course, the School District of Tomahawk is also an important employer.

The area woodlands, reservoirs, lakes, and the Wisconsin River provide abundant opportunities for recreational pursuits. Tomahawk area citizen’s hunt, fish, snowmobile, golf, cross country ski, skate, swim, boat, and engage in many more leisure activities. In addition, an ice arena built through local fundraising and the school complex including extensive halls, swimming pool, weight room, indoor track and field house allow our students, staff, and residents to pursue fitness goals.


The School District of Tomahawk, in Lincoln County in north central Wisconsin, is approximately 40 miles north of Wausau and at the northern end of Interstate 39. The District boundaries run from Irma on the South to the Willow Reservoir on the North and from the Harrison Hills on the East to Spirit Falls on the West. The district serves the city of Tomahawk and the surrounding townships of Bradley, Harrison, King, Little Rice, Nokomis, Rock Falls, Skanawan, Somo, Spirit, Tomahawk, and Wilson with an approximate population of 11,783 residents. The Tomahawk School District serves 1299 students (based on WISEdash Data 2014/2015 report) from Pre-K thru 12th grade:

  • Prof English – 1160

  • Ell – 2

  • Economic disadvantage – 440

  • American Indian – 6

  • Hispanic- 11

  • Asian – 5

  • Black – 9

  • Two or more ethnic races – 16

  • White – 1152


The school district is composed of a high school, a middle school, and an elementary school all housed at one location. The office of the District Administrator and the School District Business Office are located within the school complex.


The School District of Tomahawk complex serves as a community resources utilized by community members, organizations, and Nicolet Area Technical College for evening classes. Currently, these classes center on adult technology literacy. The computer labs in the high school provide abundant opportunities for these classes. This provides the school district with an opportunity for community members to become aware of the technology resources available.


The Tomahawk Public Library continues to be a vibrant component of the community, servicing not only the public’s needs but also assisting with the educational needs of the Tomahawk School District. The public library provides public access Internet computers thru software programs, wireless Internet access, computers and tablets in the Children’s Wing, programs promoting reading and reference research, assisting in Inter-Library Loan referrals through the public library’s WISCAT license, providing access to electronic databases through Badgerlink, and preparing book boxes that teachers request to supplement their curriculum. The public library is an excellent resource for our students and school district staff as well as a beneficial partner to the three School Library Media Centers. Further illustrating this vital connection is through the Tomahawk School District Library Media Specialist services as a full voting member of the Tomahawk Public Library Board.

Tomahawk School District -- Last updated on: December 9, 2015