Writing Literacy Standards

There are many types of writing and all are used in technology and engineering.  View the specific Writing Literacy Standards pages (with the links below) to see how you can add more writing to the CTE classroom.
Types of writing:
  • Argument:  a reasoned. logical way of demonstrating the writer's position, belief, or conclusion is valid.  The goal is to change the reader's point of view, bring about action or ask for acceptance of an explanation, evaluation, issue, or problem.
  • Informational:  conveys information accurately.  It increases knowledge in a subject, helps readers understand a procedure or process, or enhances comprehension of a concept.
  • Narrative:  conveys experience, either real or imaginary.  It can inform, instruct, pursuade, or entertain.  It follows a timeline--often beginning, middle, end.
  • Process:  step-by-step, or how-to.
  • Reports/lab assignments:  hypothesis, materials, observations, conclusions, etc.
  • Graphic interpretation:  cut-aways, diagramas, graphs, charts with explanations.
How can technology assist in bringing writing alive?
  • use blogs
  • use Google apps and/or sites for collaboration
  • use ipods/ipads in the writing process
  • use discussion boards