Suring School District Executive Summary

A Standing Technology Advisory Committee was established in August 1994 for the purpose of developing and overseeing the implementation and use of technology in the Suring School District.  The committee has representation from all groups of stakeholders:  students, parents, administration, faculty, and support staff.  The committee is chaired by the district technology coordinator.  Annual goals, set by the committee, are reviewed by the committee and approved by the Board of Education.  The strategic planning committee reviews progress annually.

The committee charge reads:  The purpose of this committee is to guide and oversee the establishment of an information system that will accomplish one goal.  This goal is that every member of our educational community should be able to: access information, manipulate data, and communicate at anytime in any place and on any topic with ease and efficiency.

Among the many tasks necessary to meet that charge are, the construction of a systematic plan to ensure the tremendous potential of technology to reform and improve education.  The Technology Plan is the result of several initiatives and planning cycles.  It consolidates previous technology plans with the strategic planning committee’s action plans.  It also incorporates recent research findings concerning effective learning and effective use of technology.

The plan is organized around the belief that selected technologies, applied appropriately, will help all students to achieve in school.  This will allow the district to move forward with the mission that “All students and staff will become knowledgeable and skillful users of contemporary technology tools and processes in order to advance their current and future learning.”

To achieve this, we must set goals and commit to their achievement.  These goals include:

·       To improve student achievement and enhance curriculum and instructional practices through access to information and improved communications.

·       To advance the opportunities for student learning using technology as a tool in the instructional process.

·       To provide substantial training that will ensure all staff are prepared to teach students how to learn, create and access information, communicate ideas, and solve problems using technology.

·       To provide resources for students and staff to utilize technology to its full potential.

·       To provide community members with opportunities to learn about and utilize technology.

The plan will never be finished because technology continually changes.  It will never replace good teachers, but its use provides advantages for student learning.  Optimizing these advantages will lead to students that are life-long learners, ready to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world. 

Suring School District Vision Statement

The Suring School District envisions the future to be one where learning can take place anywhere and at any time.  Students will increasingly take more responsibility for their own education, utilizing their instructional staff to guide their inquiries.  Students will have the opportunity to solve real problems instead of just memorize facts; the teachers’ role as a facilitator of learning will increase.  Student learning and achievement will improve, and students will be better prepared for the world they will enter upon graduation.

The Suring School District is committed to integrating information and technology into every grade level throughout the curriculum, as well as into administration, communication, and staff development.  Technological literacy may be defined as the ability to use any form of technology a person needs to successfully function in an information-based society.  The district realizes that due to the rapidly changing advancements in technology that occur each year, it must regularly evaluate hardware, software, and curriculum to keep up with these dynamic changes.

Students and staff will use 21st century skills and technology as integral tools in their academic and non-academic development.  Staff will incorporate present technology into their curriculum through project-based activities.  The district will stay committed to the community through communications and on-site activities.  The district will continue to provide timely staff development training to the faculty and staff members.

Staff members will model through their use of information and technology, the vision of the district.  Their appropriate use of information and technology will enhance the learning, working, and daily lives of the students, community, and staff of the Suring School District.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Suring School District is to provide equal opportunity for all students to think critically, communicate effectively, and successfully contribute, to the best of their ability, in an increasingly complex world.  The use of information and technology will enhance our students’ learning, help students and staff perform their tasks more efficiently, and increase communication between the Suring School District and the surrounding community.  Students, staff, and community members will be able to use technology to acquire information and technological literacy skills, communicate, think, and solve real world problems.

Technical literacy is now a basic skill that is necessary for success.  It will be integrated into learning, instruction, evaluation, staff development, and administration.  Information and technology will equalize the opportunities to apply learning to real-life situations and become the key to integrating the Wisconsin standards into our curriculum.  Staff development and individualized classroom instruction will focus on increasing the ability of students and teachers to access and use information effectively.

In order to be successful citizens in the 21st century, students must be proficient at accessing, evaluating, and communicating information.  Obtaining technology skills while in school will enhance our students’ abilities to be life-long learners.

The Suring School District feels it is their responsibility to provide opportunities for parents and community members to acquire technology skills.  The school, along with the public library, will become an integral part of providing access to technology in the community.

Community/School Demographics
The Suring School District covers over 300 square miles of Northern Oconto County.  It consists of the Village of Suring, the Towns of Mountain, Bagley, Breed, Doty, How, Maple Valley, Riverview, and Spruce.  The Village of Suring has a population of approximately 600 residents while Mountain has a population of 125.  The school district enrollment is derived primarily from rural farm and recreational areas.

At its largest, the district had 710 students, Pre K-12.  Currently the district has 423 students enrolled.  Average income of the district is low, and 35% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch. Therefore, we have been able to participate in the SAGE program since its implementation.  The dynamics of the population have changed over the past several years.  The population growth has occurred in the retirement community, not in families with school-age children.