Introduction and Purpose


Welcome to the home page for Sturgeon Bay School District's Information & Technology Plan!

Sturgeon Bay Schools serve the community of Sturgeon Bay (population: 9,778) located in Northeast Wisconsin. We have five schools that serve approximately 1,200 students in Grades PK-12. For detailed demographic, enrollment, and achievement information, please click here.

The purpose of this site is to provide timely information regarding Sturgeon Bay School District's goals for technology and how we intend to pursue those goals. As many new initiatives are considered in the field of education, such as digital textbooks, online course offerings, and 1:1 computing, the role of the technology committee is to prioritize these initiatives within the confines of our budget and infrastructure. It is also important to continually evaluate the role technology plays in supporting new developments, from common core standards to data-driven assessments. This is an active plan that will be monitored, assessed, and changed as we continue to strive for excellence in access to and quality of our information and technology resources.

The district's mission states: "The School District of Sturgeon Bay, in partnership with the student, family, and community, will provide diverse educational opportunities for the development of informed, knowledgeable citizens and successful life-long learners." In keeping with this mission, district leaders seek to provide environments that encourage all students to use enhanced knowledge bases, critical thinking skills, and applied technologies to analyze and respond to real issues in the local and global world. This plan seeks to optimize the ways in which technology is used and to make technology an important tool for critically evaluating learning options and posing creative solutions.