Introduction and Purpose

Located in the beautiful Northwoods of Wisconsin, the School District of Rhinelander serves nine surrounding townships and the City of Rhinelander. The District serves approximately 2,400 students in its three elementary schools, middle school, high school, elementary charter school and secondary charter school.

A secondary alternative education program and a variety of virtual opportunities are offered to the students, and the District has developed partnerships with those families who have chosen home-school education for their children.

Our schools offer area students exceptional academic programs, as well as athletic, cultural and community opportunities. As a result of an active community, outstanding staff, a comprehensive curriculum, and an emphasis on technology in the classroom, the School District of Rhinelander is proud to provide educational excellence to its youth.

School District of Rhinelander Mission Statement

To create an environment which provides challenging opportunities for each student to succeed in a changing world. 
  •  We know that effective education must have the learner as its focus 
  •  We believe that families, students, schools, and community are responsible for empowering all students to achieve their greatness 
  •  We know that students have unique abilities and needs that require variation of instruction 
  •  We know that a positive learning environment is caring, safe, and assures the dignity of everyone 
  •  We believe in excellence and equity in educating all students for life long learning 

Secure the Future Goals

The Community Strategic Plan set the following goals for our school district:

  • Control Our Destiny Through Effective and Efficient Financial Planning
  • Provide Competitive Opportunities for All Students to be Successful
  • Secure a Trusting School/Community Atmosphere Through Effective Communication and Relationships
  • Brand and Market Rhinelander Schools as a Premier Choice for Education and Achievement

Information and Technology Literacy Vision and Mission

This Information and Technology Literacy plan supports the District’s mission by utilizing information (library media) and 
technology resources to provide challenging opportunities for each student to succeed in a changing world. We believe that the 
successful use of these resources helps to provide a learner-focused, effective education that meets the unique abilities and needs of diverse learners. 


Students and staff of the School District of Rhinelander will master 21st Century Skills that embrace digital age literacy, 
inventive thinking, effective communication, and high productivity. These will improve student achievement and prepare them for success in our global society. 


  • To prepare students to use instructional media and technology as a tool to actively engage in the learning process to expand knowledge and individualize learning to meet the School District of Rhinelander’s academic goals. 
  • To promote and develop 21st Century skills that address real world problems, explore ideas, and gather information to construct original thought and communicate effectively. 
  • To work collaboratively, in support of continuous improvement, to determine how and when the Information and Technology Literacy (ITL) Standards will be integrated into the curriculum. 
  • To provide professional development opportunities that facilitates the implementation of the ITL Standards and evaluates the effectiveness of their integration.  
  • To provide equitable access to library media and technology resources that enable effective utilization in school, district, community, and global environments. 
  • To create an efficient, cost-effective, learning organization that supports a high-performing, collaborative system, which uses technology to make data driven decisions based on sound, agreed upon principles. 

School District and Community Demographics

The School District of Rhinelander is a Common School District serving PreK-12 students in the Rhinelander Area and 
Townships of: Cassian, Crescent, Newbold, Pelican, Pine Lake, Stella, Woodboro, and the township of Harrison, located in 
Lincoln County, and the township of Parrish located in Langlade County. The District consolidated to a K-12 school system in 
1968 and has an approximate enrollment of 2,400 students. The school district is located in the northern section of the state of Wisconsin. The geographic area is primarily wooded and consists of numerous lakes. 
Tourism is a major source of community income along with a local paper mill and numerous small to medium sized businesses. 
The socioeconomic status is typical of a small mid-western community. The school district draws from a population of 
approximately 30,000 people, which incorporates a city of 8,000 people and its surrounding townships. There are three 
traditional and one project based elementary charter school. There is also one project-based 6th - 12th grade secondary charter school, one middle school and one high school. Grant funds from the DPI have provided our charter schools with an abundance of technology resources to help individualize learning. Funding to sustain a robust information and technology literacy program throughout the District is available as a result of a referendum that was passed in the fall of 1996 that asked the community for enough money to develop and sustain the implementation of technology resources. 

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