Introduction and Purpose

As our society has been catapulted from the industrial era of the 20th century into a faster moving, more highly sophisticated, technological society, education has had to evolve and make curriculum adjustments that reflect these changes. In a word, Technology Education is about Innovation! It is about how people think and how to apply technology solutions to the problems facing society. The aim is to solve problems and create opportunities within a realistic context.

Students use their ingenuity with tools, materials, processes and resources to create solutions and opportunities for themselves and others. It is a dynamic subject in our schools that is as fast moving and as up-to-date as the thinking of technology in our society. It is future workforce thinking!

Academic Integration is a defining expectation for student learning and these expectations guide the development of high-quality and relevant career-focused programs that require students apply academic knowledge to everyday life. Developing curriculum that reflects local needs and are tailored to preparing young people for the opportunities that exist is our guiding mission. CTE Skills readiness is at the core of our educational expectations.

About Prairie Farm Schools

Community and School District Demographics

The School District of Prairie Farm is a small rural (PreK-12 enrollment = 386) school system Northwest Wisconsin. As is the case in many rural settings of America, this organization serves a vital purpose as the "lifeblood" of its community. The residents of the Prairie Farm District are proud of their local school system and supportive of worthwhile efforts to provide a high quality educational program.

Sage Numbers:

Grade Level
Total Enrollment #’s
Class Split Numbers Explanation
Kindergarten 42 18 Hamernick
17 Maukstad
7 Blegen

First Grade 25 8 Blegen
17 Schlosser

Second Grade 42 14 Grosskreutz
15 Erickson
13 Rozmiarek

Third Grade 31 16 Hansen
15 Nedland

National Center for Educational Statistics

State Wide Per-Capita Income.

Teacher to student Ratio

The districts historical employment base has been the traditional family dairy farm. However, as the face of our world has changes, so has Prairie Farm. Our school district is as diversified as all communities currently are. District residents travel outside the district boundaries to seek employment, while our population statistics remain relatively unchanged.

District Mission Statement

The mission of the Prairie Farm School District is to:


·   Increase effectiveness and efficiency through the use of technology.

·   Provide access to current hardware, software and other technologies that enhance utilization of school, district, community and  world resources.

·   Provide instruction and in-service training or time regarding the use of technology that is meaningful and interactive and that can  be applied to real-life experiences.

·   Develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes that support lifelong learning.

·   Prepare students to responsibly participate in an increasingly technological 21st century society.

·   Revise the knowledge base, learning strategies, basic skills, and attitudes of the current curriculum to meet the needs of today's  world.

·   Every student, teacher, administrator, and support staff personnel has the opportunity to become competent in the use of  technology in their work and problem solving skills.

·   Sufficient technological resources and training will be provided for students and staff to maximize their effectiveness  and efficiency.

District Technology Vision Statement

Prairie Farm will prepare all students for the 21st century by engaging all learners in quality, meaningful, standards-based technology-infused education that maximizes and promote skills for effective and efficient learning, and encourages the connectivity, productivity and efficiency needed to excel in a complex and changing world. The staff will readily access and leverage the emerging technologies needed to meet the highest educational and ethical standards in caring, collaborative learning communities supported through partnerships with parents and families, businesses, civic organizations, and higher education.

Overview of the Planning Process

The original Prairie Farm School District Technology Committee was formed during the 1994-1995 school year to provide a formalized structure for the planning and implementation of technology related goals and initiatives within the District. The current planning process involves the collaborative efforts of several individual staff members, administrators, community members, and students. These individuals have focused on the many aspects and components of the process to provide needed curriculum integration, hardware and software, funding, infrastructure for each facility, and professional development opportunities.

Analysis and Summary of Research:

Literacy In All Subjects

National Education Technology Plan

Wisconsin Foundations for Disciplinary Literacy

Community Resources and Adult Literacy Providers

The Prairie Farm School District recognizes the valuable linkages between school, home and the community that exist for students and parents in Prairie Farm. The public library, which is housed at the District IMC is one such valuable resource. The community may benefit from internet access and technology in place when visiting the IMC after regular school hours. The district has a very active community education council that offers a wide variety of courses of local interest and through WITC system in Rice Lake. Courses offered have been Beginning Computing, Internet Use, software applications courses, EMT training, Martial arts and other personal enrichment courses. The addition of the Instructional Television lab has also increased the communities stake in the technology at Prairie Farm schools. Evening and weekend hours can be scheduled for college courses, workshops and other teleconferencing which reduces travel to larger communities.

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