The School District of Port Edwards’ combined comprehensive technology plan for 2013-2016 has been developed to address the technology needs of the students, staff and the community. The goals and objectives of this plan are the result of a careful analysis of needs generated from the result of the most recent district technology survey and the progress of our last technology plan. The technology plan committee looks at the needs and comes up with the goals in the new plan based on the best practices and relevant research. The plan also serves as an integral part of our district strategic plan, which will govern the district direction for the next few years. The main focus of the plan is to continue to enhance the role of technology in teaching and learning. Our emphasis is on making technology an integral part of learning. In order to make technology a part of regular learning, we focus on two areas. One is to provide an efficient and robust teaching environment for our teaching staff. The other area is to provide new technology and learning tools for our stakeholders to succeed. We focus on 21st Century Skills to keep up with evolving technology. By doing so,we will provide staff training with interactive teaching models and tools. Staff will continue to map the ITLS standards directly to unit plans, to the application of higher-level thinking skills in daily lesson plans and make student learning, rather than one-dimensional teaching, the focus of the classrooms. In this plan, we also emphasize the importance to provide staff and students the tools and bridges to learn, to collaborate, to support, and to facilitate different measurements of successes, as adopted by the Wisconsin RTI model. During the next three years, we will continue to evaluate our progress and to make adjustments as needed. This plan will serve as a dynamic guide for the next chapter in our district technology development.

District Information and Technology Vision Statement

We in the Port Edwards School District believe it is our purpose to offer a positive learning environment that will encourage each individual to achieve his/her maximum potential. It is our vision for the Port Edwards School District to be the technology center for the Port Edwards community. We plan to be able to provide the necessary equipment, training, and experiences to make our citizens, students, and staff technologically proficient. As part of the vision for lifelong learners, we in Port Edwards feel that several components need to be included in the technology planning process.  Our students, staff and community have the right to an environment where equity, access to information, and current trends are a priority.  The Port Edwards School District strives to create a visually stimulating, interactive learning environment that is based on best practice and standards-rich curriculum.Students graduate from Port Edwards School District fully prepared with 21st Century Skills and ready to be responsible citizens.

The Port Edwards School District used strategic planning and community involvement to develop the following District Mission Statement:

As a progressive system with a tradition of exemplary support for education, we will prepare students to lead productive and rewarding lives in a dynamic world through personalized learning opportunities of exceptional quality.

Strategy six of the strategic planning process dealt directly with technology, saying, "We will acquire and effectively utilize technology to enhance educational excellence."  

This strategy is the focus of the Technology Planning Committee, who has in turn developed the following technology mission/vision statement:

The technological vision of the Port Edwards School District is to prepare students to lead productive and rewarding lives in a technologically progressive world through personalized learning opportunities of exceptional quality.  To achieve this vision, the Technology Committee is committed to integrating technology into every grade level throughout the curriculum via a comprehensive, sequential, equitable, dynamic, and evolving plan capable of change as technology advances.

The Port Edwards School District’s technology mission is to strive to have all students and staff become technologically proficient.  As a district, we will ensure that:

· Strategic Planning goals be addressed, including implementing technology learning experiences and support systems that will enable all students to effectively use technology to address real world problems,


· Technology skills will be measured using Information and Technology Literacy Standards which have been aligned to core curricular areas,


· Staff training will continue to be offered as needed,


· Community members will be provided with our district technology resources to enhance their technology ability, knowledge and proficiency.


Relationship of the Information and Technology Plan to the District Vision and Mission

The Port Edwards School District vision statement reads in part, “It is our vision for the Port Edwards Schools to be the technology center for the Port Edwards community.”  In order to accomplish this goal, the district incorporated a technology component into its mission statement. The relationship between the Information and Technology Plan to the vision and mission statement is simple. All three components deal with addressing technology at a classroom, district, and community level.  This district strives to be a technology center for all community members through access to technology at every level feasible. The Port Edwards School District continues its drive for technological excellence.  As with every district, the success of increased technology use and support is tied to funding at the federal, state, and local levels.  At this point the district’s commitment to technology is very evident in the number of staff members completing higher education training in technology.  The overwhelming technology-related funding commitment from the Port Edwards Education Foundation Grant during the current funding year also demonstrates the commitment of our staff on looking for ways to improve Instructional technology.  

Community/School District Demographics

The School District of Port Edwards serves the village of Port Edwards, the townships of Seneca, Port Edwards, Cranmoor, and a small portion of the city of Nekoosa. Primary industries in the area include paper products, industrial chemicals and cranberry production. This is a small suburban school district with much of the community employed by Erco International in Port Edwards or businesses in Wisconsin Rapids and Nekoosa. Many also work at the cranberry marshes. The community is primarily Caucasian-based, with Asian, Black and Native American populations comprising the major ethnic groups. The Port Edwards School District is housed in two buildings. The elementary school services students in grade K-5. There are ten teachers in the elementary school. One para-professional works full-time at the elementary level; servicing Title I students with a full-time teacher. An additional para-professional works half-time in the library as an assistant.  There is one full-time administrator for the building and one full-time administrative assistant. The Middle/High school services students in grades 6-12. There are twenty six teachers at the Middle/High school level. The district employs one guidance counselor to provide counseling services to all students in the district.  During the 2012-2013 school year there are five full-time para-professionals working in the Middle/High school. One half-time para-professional splits time between the two buildings. There is one full time guidance para-professional who works year round and two Administrative Assistants work during the academic year.  One technology director services both buildings. The Middle/High school has one principal.   The district administrator’s office is also located in the 6-12 building and houses the superintendent and the business director. Current enrollment is 424 students enrolled in grades 4K-12 (2012-2013 school year). This population breaks down into the following ethnic groups:  1.8% Asian, 1.4% Black or African American, 4.2% Native American, 4% Hispanic and approximately 89% white. 160 Students currently participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch program. 


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