Introduction and Purpose


The communities of Osseo (approximately 1700 residents) and Fairchild (approximately 560 residents) consolidated in 1968 to form the Osseo-Fairchild School District. Osseo and Fairchild are predominately rural communities in west central Wisconsin and encompass approximately 300 square miles. Both communities also serve as bedroom communities to the Eau Claire area. 

The district houses classrooms in three buildings.  In 1996 voters approved the construction of a new elementary school in Fairchild and the remodeling of the existing elementary school in Osseo.  In 1998, residents voted to exceed state revenue caps to build a new middle/high school in 1999.  Fairchild Elementary School services children in grades 4K-5 with a population of  67 students.  It has been identified as a Title I school.  Osseo Elementary School services students in preschool EEN-grade 5 with an enrollment of 368 students and has been identified as a target Title I school.  Both elementary schools are SAGE schools through grade 3.  The middle/high school building located in Osseo services 222 students in in grades 6-8 and 253 students in grades 9-12. 

District enrollment has declined over the past decade. The student population includes 39% free and reduced lunch programs (63% at Fairchild Elementary)  and 17%  EEN classified students. There are 153 students in the district, ages 3-21, with IEPs.  Overall, ethnic diversity is quite limited with approximately 7% of the students being of minority race.

The Osseo-Fairchild school district is one of the largest employers in the community. Approximately 125 staff are employed by the district, including four administrators, 47 support personnel and 78 certified staff members. Nearly 60% of certified staff have their masters degrees. 


The purpose of this plan is to provide a framework for the integration of technology into our curriculum to enhance educational opportunities and help students become literate in 21st Century Skills.  

District Mission Statement

The mission of the Osseo-Fairchild School District, in partnership with our community, is to motivate, educate and empower students for successful living.

District Technology Vision Statement

The School District of Osseo-Fairchild believes that success in the information age will be dependent upon the ability to utilize new technology.

District Technology Mission Statement

Stakeholders in the Osseo-Fairchild schools will use technology to learn, to teach, to communicate and to administer.

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