Introduction and Purpose

Welcome to the Oshkosh Area School District Information Technology Plan.  This website is the result of several years of comprehensive planning efforts focused around the singular goal of increasing student achievement.  All of the goals for this technology plan will have a significant impact on the instructional program provided by the Oshkosh Area School District.   This plan consists of both operational as well as instructional technology goals.  Both of these are necessary to achieve the district mission of enhancing student achievement by creating a rigorous and relevant learning environment.  The focal point of this learning environment centers around personalized learning opportunities where students are able to customize their learning to meet their needs.  

A personalized learning environment requires individual access to technology resources throughout the day and the development of infrastructure and staff necessary to support such an environment.  Unfortunately the existing budget in Oshkosh is not sufficient to create this type of environment which is why there are two separate budget projections found within this plan.  

Plan A - (3 of 5 Instructional and 4 of 4 Operational Goals)
Plan A utilizes existing budgetary resources to provide a state of the art technology infrastructure supporting classroom workstations, limited computer lab resources, limited classroom technology, and advanced WiFi services.  This plan also provides for embedded professional development helping teachers modernize instruction utilizing the tools available. 

Plan B - (5 of 5 Instructional and 4 of 4 Operational Goals)
Plan B recommends additional budgetary resources to provide a personalized learning environment utilizing 1 to 1 technology at all levels.  This increase in budgetary resources would allow for the elimination of selected traditional computer labs to be replaced by personal technology provided to each learner and teacher.  This plan would also support equity by providing modern classroom technology to facilitate the learning process at all sites. 

This plan also includes information on the current status of district technology as well as detailed needs assessment measured by a district generated survey.  This survey measured staff technology use and to what degree integration with ISTE standards has occurred.  The plan also provides detailed information on the previously mentioned instructional and operational technology goals as well as goals for the district library media program.  Budgetary information related to all goals and the usage of common school funds is provided along with district data on student achievement and curricular integration.  Lastly, policy and infrastructure information is provided to give readers an accurate picture of the Oshkosh Area School District technology system.  

Linkage to the OASD Strategic Plan

The Oshkosh Area School District has developed a strategic plan based upon extensive community input.  The creation of this technology plan is but one activity supporting the broader district plan.  

In order to communicate our efforts, provide transparency, and solicit input we continually review this strategic plan and provide details of district progress on the district website.  We invite you to review and monitor our strategic plan using the live view below.  If you wish to open the strategic plan in a separate window Click Here.