Executive Summary/Introduction
"To ensure that all students learn," is the mission of the Medford Area Public School District (MAPSD). The MAPSD Information and Technology Plan is a tool to help us achieve this mission. Throughout the 2014-15 school year, the District’s Information and Technology Committee completed a needs assessment, analyzed the current status of the previous plan, and used this information to write goals and objectives for the 2015-2018 Information Technology Plan.

In order to increase student achievement through the use of technology, it is important that all staff and students have equal access to the a wide variety of resources, and are given ongoing support to increase their technology-related knowledge and skills. Therefore, the 2015-18 Information and Technology Plan focuses on four main goals:

1. Integrate technology into all areas of the curriculum to increase student achievement
2. Provide equal access to a wide variety of current and balanced information and technology resources
3. Enhance technology-related knowledge and skills
4. Provide ongoing technology support for professional staff implementing the Wisconsin teacher evaluation system

These goals coincide with goals in the Wisconsin's Digital Learning Plan, focusing on curriculum and assessment, access to resources, educator proficiency, and support/instructional leadership.

Although budgets are always tight, the Medford School Board is working toward providing individual or classroom sets of internet-ready student devices at each building through a three-year plan. Starting in 2014-15, the Medford Middle School received classroom sets of Chromebooks. In 2015-16, students at the Medford Senior High will each be given a Chromebook to use at school and home. In 2016-17, the elementary schools will purchase classroom sets of devices. Money to purchase these devices is allocated through the Medford district budget and use of fund balance. Along with the purchase of these devices, a detailed professional development plan is in place at each of the buildings that focuses on improving instruction through technology.

Results of state testing, local information and technology surveys, along with the observations of the professional staff and team members, were used to create goals and action plans. Current research on academic achievement in relation to information and technology literacy was shared via literature discussions in preparation for creating an effective information and technology plan. 

The plan, which is realistic, measurable and focused, is achievable through monitoring by the Information and Technology Team and implementation through the use of Medford’s collaborative team model or Professional Learning Communities (PLC). Portions of the plan may be dependent on consistent funding.

MAPSD is located in north central Wisconsin and is a composite of city and rural areas contained in approximately 400 square miles. The current enrollment is 2,380 students, over 100 more students than previous years, due largely to our virtual charter school open enrollment. Students attend school at five district buildings: Stetsonville Elementary School (SES) (Pre Kindergarten – Grade 4); Medford Area Elementary School (MAES) (Early Childhood – Grade 4); Medford Area Middle School (MAMS) (Grades 5 – 8); and Medford Area Senior High (MASH) (Grades 9 – 12). A District Alternative School is housed at an offsite campus, and a Kindergarten – Grade 9 Virtual School has been in operation for ten years. There are also Catholic, Lutheran and Amish schools located in the district’s boundaries. MAPSD employs approximately 240 people, including 158 teachers, 70 support staff and 9 administrators.

The community of MAPSD includes the City of Medford, the Village of Stetsonville and all or parts of twelve townships. The size of the outlying community far surpasses that of the city, establishing us as a truly rural district. Approximately 38% of the county (Taylor) population works in manufacturing in the City of Medford. The top three employers (Weather Shield Manufacturing, Inc., Nestle Pizza Co., and Marathon Cheese, Inc.) in the county are based in the City of Medford.

MAPSD is recognized for having a comprehensive educational program, high academic achievement and demanding graduation requirements. This is due to a strong commitment to teaching and learning, progressive leadership and the provision of a wide range of innovative programs designed to meet the needs of all students, including distance learning courses and an alternative high school program, and a Kindergarten to Grade 9 virtual school. Approximately 60% of the graduating seniors seek continuing education at four-year colleges or two-year technical institutions. Students leaving MAPSD are well prepared to enter either post-secondary education or the world of work. Our district libraries have been the central location for print and traditional audio visual resources. With the introduction of new technologies, our library media centers were an obvious choice for centralizing and experimenting with emerging technologies. Audio visual, business and library media staff collaborate to incorporate new hardware and software as they become available. Indicators of our evolution include: e-readers in our libraries and middle school English classrooms, the use of iPads in classrooms, automated card catalogs, online access to materials from home or school, and popular print resources in digital formats.

Library Media Specialists (LMSs) facilitate and encourage all staff to explore new resources. The library media and technology staff serve as technology staff development leaders and instructors. Library media centers have become a hub for serving the schools’ information and technology needs. Our library resources support the classroom curriculum; students and staff can use the resources from their classroom computers and labs, as well as from home.

Background Information

District Mission/Vision Statements Mission: To ensure that all students learn.

Vision: We expect all students to learn at high levels. We will work collaboratively with colleagues, students, and parents to challenge and support all individuals to achieve high success.
Information & Technology Plan Mission/Vision Statements
Mission: To ensure all students are technologically literate.

Vision: Library media and technology staff will collaborate with colleagues, students, and parents in integrating information and technology standards to create authentic products, access information, develop new skills, and promote learning strategies to meet the needs of all students.