Vocabulary (Essential Terms) in Health Science

Principles of Learning:  Accountable Talk (Learning Research and Development Center (c) 2004 University of Pittsburgh)
Talking with others about ideas and work is fundamental to learning.  But not all talk sustains learning.  For classroom talk to promote learning it must be accountable - to the learning community, to accurate and appropriate knowledge, and to rigorous thinking.  Accountable Talk seriously responds to and further develops what others in the group have said.  It puts forth and demands knowledge that is accurate and relevant to the issue under discussion.  Accountable Talk uses evidence appropriate to the discipline (e.g., proofs in mathematics, data from investigations in science, contextual details in literature, documentary sources in history) and follows established norms of good reasoning.  Teachers should intentionally create the norms and skills of Accountable Talks in their classrooms.
  • Accountability to the Learning Community
    • Actively participate in classroom talk
    • Listen attentively
    • Elaborate and build on each other's ideas
    • Work to clarify or expand a proposition
  • Accountability to Knowledge
    • Specific and accurate knowledge
    • Appropriate evidence for claims and arguments
    • Commitment to getting it right
  • Accountability to Rigorous Thinking
    • Synthesize several sources of information
    • Construct explanations and test understanding of concepts
    • Formulate conjectures and hypotheses
    • Employ generally accepted standards of reasoning
    • Challenge the quality of evidence and reasoning
Each link below will show "essential terms" for each type of CTEcourse.  These terms are expected vocabulary for students to use in demonstrating they are "knowledgable" in the subject area.