Introduction and Purpose

District Mission

Empower and Inspire Every Student to Success

District Vision

The Germantown School District will be the premier district in Wisconsin.

District Strategic Goals

 GOAL #1  GOAL #2  GOAL #3 GOAL #4
 Enhance quality teaching through evaluation and improvement of curriculum, instructional practices, and assessment practices specifically in literacy and math to ensure that all students are growing academically.  Maximize operational efficiency and establish long-range plans for technological growth, facilities and financial stability.  Build community support and positive public relations through embracing a shared leadership model, engaging community partnerships, and communicating accurately and in a timely manner. The district will continue to transform learning through technology.

The Germantown School District covers 56 square miles in Washington County and serves the Village of Germantown, Town of Germantown and portions of the towns of Jackson, Polk and Richfield. The District, situated along US Highway 41/45, is 20 miles northwest of downtown Milwaukee. Growth in the number of subdivisions continues to shape the community into a vibrant suburban setting.

The District has six schools
  • Germantown High School
  • Kennedy Middle School
  • Amy Belle Elementary School
  • County Line Elementary School
  • MacArthur Elementary School
  • Rockfield Elementary School

Early Childhood-12 enrollment

2003-2004   2004-2205
 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 
 3,716     3,731 3,841 3,905 3,939 3,985 3,943 4,034 3,994 3,997

All goals are linked to the Wisconsin Department of Instruction's Elements of the Vision for Digital Learning and the Germantown Strategic Goals listed above.

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