Introduction and Purpose

About Our District

The Fox Point-Bayside School District serves approximately 950 students in four-year-old kindergarten through eighth grade in its two schools. About 550 students attend Stormonth Elementary School,  7301 N. Longacre Road, Fox Point,  and around 400 students attend Bayside Middle School, 601 Ellsworth Lane, Bayside.  Our district has a minority population of approximately 19% and we also participate in the Chapter 220 Program.  Our enrollment has been relatively stable over the years.  Our district has a 9% economically disadvantaged student population, as measured by free and reduced lunch status.  Our students typically perform above average on state and district level assessments.  Our district offers services for students with special needs, who encompass approximately 10% of our student population. 

The district has five administrators:  Superintendent of Schools; Director of Business Services; Director of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment; Elementary School Principal; and Middle School Principal.  The district also has a Coordinator of Special Education and a Coordinator of Technology.  The district also has 79 teachers (some who have part-time status) and 25 support staff members who include paraprofessionals and administrative assistants. 

The district is made up of two communities.  Bayside has a population just over 4500 people and Fox Point has a population just over 7000.  The district is a high property tax area, but there is a broad cross-section of socio-economic levels within our district borders. 

The Fox Point-Bayside School District has a long history of academic excellence with an emphasis on instilling positive behaviors and attitudes as part of a strong foundational education. 

During the 2012-13 school year, the district engaged in strategic planning through a school community planning forum.  For a summary of the School Community Planning Forum Visioning and Planning, please visit School Community Planning Forum Summary .  From this process, district's mission, vision, and goals were developed.


Our mission is to prepare all children to flourish as compassionate, engaged, and productive citizens well-prepared to make meaningful contributions to our world.


Our vision is to inspire children through innovative and academically rigorous learning experiences that meet the unique talents, interests, and needs of every child. 


We hold value for

  • a caring and collaborative school community working together as one
  • developing the whole child academically, socially, and emotionally
  • honoring diversity and the unique needs and contributions of each individual
  • meeting the needs of all students through a rigorous academic program
  • holding a forward thinking and progressive mind set
  • creating a healthy environment that fosters respectful use of resources
  • an orientation of generosity and service to others

For a list of our 2013-14 goals, as derived from the mission, vision, and values, please visit 13-14 District Goals and scroll down to the 2nd page where you will find the goals.

For a brief history of our district, please visit Fox Point-Bayside School District Brief History .  

If you would like to learn more about our schools, Stormonth Elementary School and Bayside Middle School, please visit About Our Schools . 

Please visit School Report Cards if you would like to know more information about the academic achievement of our students.

    Executive Summary

Information technology and library media planning in the Fox Point-Bayside School District is a comprehensive process based on data gathering and collaborative analysis of district needs aligned to research based best practices.  Recommendations for the 2013-2016 Information Technology and Library Media Plan grew from the collaborative discussion and analysis of district needs.  Multiple stakeholders have participated in the development and review of this plan.  In essence, this plan is systemically linked to the strategic plan of the district and will support the goals related to strategically and efficiently utilizing district resources and integrating personalized learning.  

Summary of Plan Initiatives
The priorities of the 2013-16 Information Technology and Library Media Plan are:

1.  To engage students in a standards-based, technology infused education that maximizes critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity in order to make a year's growth or more in a year's time by having access to learning tools and resources necessary to be college and career ready. (District Goal 2)
2.  To have staff access technology that connects them to data, content, resources, expertise, and learning experiences that enable an inspire more effective and efficient teaching, learning, and assessment of student learning. (District Goals 1, 2, 4)
3.  To have staff engage in professional learning experiences based on individualized needs and interests, aligned to district goals. (District Goals 1, 2, 3, 4)
4.  To update the district infrastructure (hardware and software) to efficiently and effectively maintain a highly productive school environment.  (District Goals 1, 2, 3, 4)  -- Last updated on: <March 27, 2013