Pedagogy described offers ways to assist students in the development of their skills and knowledge in theatre.  Staff is encouraged to review and incorporate those pedagogy that are most effective in helping all students reach their potential for this discipline.  Articles, videos, and resources for further exploration is provided below.

 Educational Theatre Association

 Tech Theatre links

The Role of Cornerstone Tasks- The Next Generation of Theatre Standards

 Theatre Activities 

Theatre Sequence K-12- Arizona

Drama Games

The Jazz Drama Program- A musical - video (5 min. 49 sec.)

Make up Design- video (9 min.) 

Theatre Ettiquette- video (3 min.)

Teaching Literature with Drama- 17 min. video using dramatic exercises to interpret the myth of Persephone with students in Grades 9-12.


Classroom Behavior Management in Drama Class- 8 min. video sharing how drama structure, content, and classroom rapport impact behavior for Grades 9-12.


Art: Pop-Up Puppets- Grades K-2- 5 min. video showing how elementary students use their imaginations to create puppet characters.


Using Film to Teach Common Core Skills- article

The Ancient Roots of Modern Theater- Gr. 8-12; Interactive site utilizing critical thinking and reflection in the exploration of theater. 

D.I.Y. Old-Time Radio- Grades 3-12. Interactive site.  Students learn about radio storytelling and find out how to produce their own radio show utilizing sound effects and compelling scripts.  

Culture Connect- Gr. 9-12; Interactive site exploring the arts.

Frederick by Leoni Lionni- Gr. PreK-2; Video with puppetry.
Articles / Sites

  • Theatre on a Shoestring links
  • 5 Quick Stage Lighting Teaching Ideas- 
  • Theatre Stagecraft -
  • Teaching Tech Theatre links -
  • Basic Steps to Lighting Design guide -
  • Basic Lighting Design Video -
  • District Administration Magazine article - "Building the Best Auditorium" -