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Instrumental- Band & Orchestra

Educational Resource Center -includes downloadable materials, such as fingering charts and teaching methods. The site is sponsored by Conn Selmer.
From the Top at Carnegie Hall-  This is an online series highlighting secondary students in music.  Here are a few for your vieiwing.  Forward your additional suggestions of performances to be considered within this site. 
Samples of Teacher Resources "From the Top"-
Round and Round (Grades 5-8) Students will learn about the canon and connect what they know about singing rounds to the classical canon form.
We'll Improvise (Grades 5-8) - Students will observe a jazz-style performance of "Old MacDonald" and try improvising.
Found Music (Grades 5-8; 9-12) Students will work in small groups to compose and record a “found percussion” piece. 

Additional Videos- 
Play It Again- BBC Music Instrumental Music tutorials for: strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion instruments.  

How musical instruments are made videos-
How It's Made: Clarinet- 5 min. video showing how a clarinet if created.



How It's Made: Trombone -5 min. video showing how a trombone is created.

How saxophones are made - 4 min. video showing how a saxophone is created.

March of the Harps- 9 min. factory tour of Lyon & Healy. 

How It's Made: Violin- 2 min. video showing how a violin is created.

Sonor Drums- Metal Construction- 3 min. video showing how a seamless metal shell snare drum is made.

From the Field
Here are ideas shared from fine arts educators.  Please consider sharing your thoughts and resources for this page.  Forward to Julie Palkowski through the link- From the Field.  

*Anticipation-Reaction Guide - shared by Chris Gleason of Sun Prairie School District
Description - An anticipation-reaction guide offers questions before and then after a musical/visual experience. Class discussion is a part of this, allowing for sharing and reflection about musical concepts and background of a piece. Reflection and discussion deepens a learner’s processing and performance of the music.
Example - Harrowgate Festival by John Edmondson (band piece) offers many opportunities to do an online visit to the city of Harrowgate in Britain, explore a noble style of music, and for students to practice a variety of articulations.

*Teaching Anatowind Curriculum shared by Tom Burt of Medford School District
Description Anatowind is a registered wind strategies and is accepted in the academic community. It uses  tested methods that help students perform better. The strobe is used to define tone. Founder - Joe Simmons interviews Part 1; Part 2