Welcome to the Fine Arts Pedagogy site.  This site offers pedagogy descriptions and resources in the areas of dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.  This is a working site, needing visitor input of ideas, activities, resources and online resources that would be beneficial to the skill and knowledge development of learners in the arts.  Information already within the site is available for your review and use.  Please share your progress in using these strategies and resources.  Additional information for Fine Arts and Creativity Education is also available online.   

Additional resources for creativity is available online and throughout this site.  For Disciplinary Literacy tools in the arts, visit the DPI DL in the Arts- Tip Sheet for an introduction to this area.  Check these additional videos describing visual literacy- Visual Literacy Across the Curriculum (4 minutes) and Visual Literacy in the Classroom (14 minutes). For a few immediate activities for classroom use, consider having student dialog around your arts area about a specific piece or performance.  Use one of the table tents created and available for your use: Art and Design, Dance, Music, Theatre.  These are based on Bloom's Taxonomy.  Feel free to alter the questions to better fit the students and the objectives of the lesson. 

For specific classroom ideas, visit the Fine Arts Pedagogy site for the area specified on the left bar on this page. Also check the Arts Professional Organization site page for more resources. 

For information about online field trips, teaching artists, performers, and virtual tours, check these sites:

If you have content that would complement this site, please submit for consideration to the Fine Arts and Creativity Education Consultant, Julie Palkowski.

Arguments for Arts Education - Gr. K-5; 12 minute video. Showcases the development of creativity, critical thinking, and communication.

Arts Essentials - 57 minute video. Visit classrooms utilizing arts areas for critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Enlivening the Senses: Arts|Learning at the Core of Education- 14 minute video by Derek LeDoux, sponsored in part by the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Above and Beyond- 4 minute video story showcase of the 4Cs- communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity- of 21st century skills.
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