Pedagogy described offers ways to assist students in the development of their skills and knowledge in dance.  Staff is encouraged to review and incorporate those pedagogy that are most effective in helping all students reach their potential for this discipline.  Articles, videos, and resources for further exploration is provided below. Blooms Taxonomy - Dance Tent

Reports - Articles - Tools for Learning
Tools for Learning

Language of Dance Approach– constructivist approach utilizing  dance based symbolic language.

 Articles / MISC.
Full Body Education - Article by Sir Ken Robinson, cartoon by Zen Pencils.

Videos/ Interactive Sites
Body Movement Dance - Gr. 1-2; 18 min. video. Students learn about the elements of dance.
Communication through Movement- K-5; 12 min. video.  Students learn non-verbal expression and communication using dance and movement. 
Creative Movement to Express Global Issues- Gr. 8; 12 min. video. Students use dance and movement to express global issues

Creative Dance to Children- 3 min. video sharing dance activities for pre-school students.

Literacy Through Creative Dance with students in Grades 9-12-  Create and perform dance movements to interpret the meaning of a poem.

Modern Dance: Three-Dimensional Vocabulary- Grades 9-12- 17 min. with vocabulary and concepts of modern dance.

Telling a Story Through Dance– Grades K-4; Interactive site.
Grades K-5; Describe science concepts in four moves. (4 minutes 23 second video)

Videos/ Performances

Nick Cave,  Chicago-based performance artist and sculptor, constructs “Soundsuits.” Watch the video and read the article describing his work and career. Video- In the Classroom; Educator Materials

Do You Wanna Dance? Understanding the five elements of dance- The article describes the elements- body, action, space, time, and energy through a brief summary of each with video examples.


Five(ish) Minute Dance Lessons- African Dance; Grades 5-12; Interactive site and video examples showcase this style of dance.  

Five(ish) Minute Dance Lessons- Latin Dance; Grades 5-12; Interactive site and video examples showcase this style of dance. 
Galumpha- the human jungle gym; Multi-grade levels; Interactive site and video examples showcase this style of dance. 

Larry and Jessup Yazzi- Fancy Dancers; Grades 2-5; Interactive site and video examples exploring traditional Native American dances.

Be Great! Juliet Doherty- 6 ½ minute video. 15 yr. old gold medalist shares “Be great” whether as a dancer, artist, musician, or actor. 


Ballet at Your Fingertips; The iPad application Passe-Partout gives users control of the choreography. (3 minute video)

Jookin' in the SpotlightLil Buck, aka Charles Riley, has introduced audiences to Jookin, a street dance born out of Memphis. (3 minute video.