Family and Consumer Sciences

Preparing Students for Family Life, Work Life and Careers

 The Family & Consumer Sciences Common Core Curriculum Grids cross-map the standards and objectives for each FACS course that has a skill certification test with the reading and writing. 
"In today’s ever-changing global economy, "literacy" describes a broad range of skills necessary for individual success in various aspects of education, careers and life. At its most fundamental level, literacy represents the ability to read, write and communicate—the ability to understand and use language to achieve one’s goals.
Literacy is a prerequisite to learning in all other subjects, especially as students are exposed to increasingly diverse and intricate texts from which they need to glean knowledge. Unfortunately, too many adolescents lack the literacy skills necessary to navigate the reading and writing requirements of high school and the future world in which they will work and live.
While educators around the country are seeking ways to address this challenge, career and technical education (CTE) programs are stepping up to offer students a rigorous and relevant education rich in literacy content and strategies. CTE courses, often overlooked in academic discussions, can have a tremendous impact on students’ literacy engagement and achievement, and must be considered as part of the adolescent literacy solution."  ~"CTE's Role in Adolescent Literacy."  ACTE Issue Brief: Literacy 1

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