In the Social Studies Classroom

What does Disciplinary Literacy look like in the Social Studies classroom?

The National Council for the Social Studies states that "Skills necessary to help our students thrive in a world of continuous and accelerating change are emphasized.  These include discipline-based literacy, multi-disciplinary awareness, information gathering and analysis, inquiry and critical thinking, communication, data analysis and the prudent use of twenty-first century media and technology.  Skills are embedded throughout meaningful social studies lessons, rather than added at the end.
(emphasis added)

Examples in the classroom include:
  • Analyzing primary sources, including determining point of view, evaluating bias, classification, comparing and contrasting, and reading for detail. 
  • Work samples - a variety of writing products at all levels
  • Holding students accountable for reading assignments

The Revised NCSS Standards:  Ideas for the Classroom Teacher
by Syd Golston.  Published in Social Education 74(4) pp210-216, copyright 2010.